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Downloading Scripts

The person that suggested Stage32 also suggested I look at screen plays written by others. That being said, I"m not sure where I would go to get such a thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Christopher Poet

You can google scripts from popular or released films online. Some other people on here might know of some reliable websites worth venturing through if you want to read scripts. My googling efforts have not always been the most rewarding.

Additionally, you can connect with others such as myself on here and review their scripts. Most of which would probably come back and review yours in return.

I know of a screenwriting discord channel if you use discord that has a very active community of writers. They share scripts all the time and also keep their own "collection" of featured scripts for you to read. The more active you are in the community, the more they offer. Including smaller competitions and challenges to put your writing to the test.

It really comes down to what it is you want. Are you looking to just read feature or tv scripts from already filmed material? Are you looking to share and compare Scripts with fellow writers? Whatever your goals are, that will help a lot in determining what would help the most.

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