Screenwriting : Help!!!! by Zack Doland

Zack Doland


Need help writing screenplay!!!!

Rick James

Ok, what happened? Talk to me.

D Marcus

I'll help.

Danny Manus

Do you need help because you have a specific problem, or because you want someone else to write it for you, for free?

Will Machin

Hey Zack... Send me a few pages of the script via and I'll get back to you with some comments and provide you some direction. If you're serious, that is.

Edith Woi

....all is quiet on the front? Exactly what is your question?

Alan Taylor

Keep writing...

D Marcus

Zack never responded to anyone after his very passionate (eight exclamation marks) request. Perhaps he didn't want help from those who responded.

Cherie Grant

What people like this usually want is for you to write their idea.

Jane Hathaway

If you will respond to us, I'm sure we could get you going in the right direction, without actually doing your script for you. You probably have an idea, but don't understand the place to start. Most of us here know of great books, videos and examples to help you get started on writing. However, you will have to be willing to pull about 99.9 percent of the weight. I believe you don't want us to write your script for you, but you haven't developed your own method of doing it yourself. No one wants to beg you to let them help you, so put on your big boy underpants and respond to those kind enough to respond to your request.

Jane Hathaway

Lisa, we don't know that he quit. He may be on a business trip, have family needs or just need time to think about what he really wants to do in life or what it might take to be a writer. Many people are shy or even just shy about the desire to write, or embarrassed about having others read what they wrote. This is a big leap into a world where you will be judged, sometimes very harshly. He may be young and having put his foot forward, now withdraws it, until he gets the guts to put it forward again. I'm not willing to chop off his foot just because he has not responded. There may be a worthwhile person behind the screen.

Rick James

Zack when you're ready, we'll be there. Take your time.

Zack Doland

My intention was not to have people write my script for me, it was to legitimately help. I finished so if anyone wants to read it an get back to me with any comments just send me a message

D Marcus

I offered to help a month ago. Didn't hear back from you. Not even a "thanks but no thanks".

Stuart Wright

Social media is such a fickle thing.

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