Producing : How Much Do Horror Scripts Sell For? by Lauran Childs

Lauran Childs

How Much Do Horror Scripts Sell For?

Of course there's a range - but are there any averages/trends right now? Am writing a horror script and it would be good to have an idea of what to suggest. Also are there and particular places you would suggest to sell at? Thx!

Conrad Ekeke

Lauran, writing on horror is good but what I'll advice is that, firstly, you have to be sure it's more in demand than any other genre or among the genres most production/agency companies are looking for. In general, I've read from several blog posts especially on Hollywood101 that screenplays for feature length can range between $200k to $1 million. It all depends on the content of your work plus the possibilities that it will hit the US box office. With that in mind, I hope you'll fall within range. However, some or many scripts have been sold a lot less than $1000 especially when one's a starter. Everyone thinks it's the best way to get to the top and start selling your top notch scripts at a higher rate. It has proven to be working so far, for many.

Regina Lee

If you don't have an existing writer fee quote, and if you're selling any script to a traditional Hollywood studio, and if you don't have multiple bidders driving up the price, expect WGA Minimum plus 10% to pay your agent. "Scale + 10." If you have multiple bidders, then there is a reason for a studio to outbid another studio, and thus, to pay more than Guild minimum.

Debbie Croysdale

You need to Create a bidding war. The beauty of Indie is its not necessarily based on "known" names. Someone could be a ghost writer with exceptional skill, sitting in the same distribution tents at festivals as "knowns" .

Lauran Childs

Thx guys. Conrad - what's Hollywood 101? Google showed a book but sounds like you may be referring to a website? Regina - you think it's better to have an agent? Was thinking of mentioning it to executive producers will be contacting regarding my movie 'Killer Eyes' this week. Would prefer to direct both. Also do you have any suggestions how to get a really good agent? Thx!

Regina Lee

Hi Lauran, it depends. If you're completely indie, you don't need an agent. If you're selling to "Hollywood," a well-respected agent who believes in you is the best tool you could have in your arsenal. There are many articles and posts about how and when to try to get an agent.

Lauran Childs

Thx Regina!

Erik A. Jacobson

A little puzzled by your question. Horror scripts from non-WGA writers sell for the same rate as any other script: 3% to 4% of the budget. In other words, if a producer requests horror scripts on and states that $200,000 is his budget, expect a minimum fee of $6000 upon final sale . If any less is offered, see your attorney.

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