Screenwriting : How To Self-Edit? by Bintou Kaba

Bintou Kaba

How To Self-Edit?

Hello! I am going to get my feedback on Wednesday. When I get my feedback, I am going to format, edit, and apply my feedback into my screenplay. I was wondering how can I edit my screenplay myself

Alicia Vaughan

This is your tenth script you working on and you've never edited your own work?

Bintou Kaba

No, like the other ten were just for practice. I never released them nor I have plans to do that. The one that I am working on currently, is the one that I want to release.

Alicia Vaughan

It makes sense now. How do you edit your own work? By rewrites. A lot of rewrites.

Peter Gartner

You approach it like a script editor. Take out anything unnecessary. Re-write where needed. Consider nothing precious.

Dan Guardino

I edit my screenplays but since I am not that good at it I send it to my editor or get my wife to read them.

Pamela White

I tried that too. Then I received suggestions for improvement that I had missed.

Craig D Griffiths

This is going to sound strange. One word at a time. Is it the best word? Is it the best sentence? Does the sentence need to be there?

Just take your time. Also read lots and lots of professional screenplays. So you recognise what a professional screenplay looks like and therefore you have a target.

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