Screenwriting : How is book writing compared to screenwriting? by Victor Titimas

Victor Titimas

How is book writing compared to screenwriting?

Is selling/publishing a book easier than a screenplay? Which do you think is better: writing books or screenplays? What are some good and bad things about both of these two writing industries?

Jody Ellis

My partner, in addition to screenwriting, writes prose. It's his first love. He had his first short story collection published this year with a smaller, exclusive publishing house and it's doing well.

The literary world is much easier to get a foothold in and has a lot less bullshit than the filmmaking industry. There is a lot more support and less competition between writers. When we go to readings or other events, it's a fricking love-fest between writers, editors and publishing houses.

If you prefer writing a novel, do it. Such an easier road and a better chance of getting your work out there. You can even self publish, which a lot of people do these days.

My guy has suggested several times that I consider writing a novel. I just don't have the patience for it. Screenwriting, for better or worse, is my thing.

Myron DeBose

To me, writing a novel is tougher than writing a screenplay. A novel's page count is truly terrifying.

Aray Brown

I used to write prose before i did screenwriting. I think with anything it's harder at firs until you get a good grasp on it and do it more. I agree with Jody, it's definitely a easier road to take. Hollywood has a lot of red tape.

Jeff Lyons

Definitely easier as a business, not so much in terms of writing :) I've been telling screenwriters or a couple years now they need to be in the book world, as the paradigm has shifted (See my blog post here on S32 on this and scripts vs books— ). But, publishing is still a snake pit too, make no mistake. Just not as gross a snake pit. Novel writing is very different, however, than screenwriting and making the transition is a tough one for many screenwriters. It's hard for novelists to go the other way as well. But, to be a successful writer these days you have to be everywhere: traditional publishing, self-publishing, TV/Film, short fiction, everywhere. Well, you dont HAVE TO be, but it's the best way to assure a real career and not just a flash-in-the-pan career. As to getting a book published, much easier than getting a script sold. It's nearly impossible to get a script sale, not so with books. Self-publishing is where it's at: no gatekeepers, no permission required from anyone else, you are in control. But, with great freedom comes great responsibility :). You have to put out as good a product as any publishing house, and that costs money and time. Being an authorprenure is a business and has its own challenges. My money is on book writing... not screenwriting.

Craig D Griffiths

It is very easy to writer and self publish an e-book, only costs you time. Selling a book made be a little easier because printing books is slightly cheaper than making a movie. But book stores are closing. The big question is creating saleable content.

Dan Guardino

Getting book published is a lot easier than selling a screenplay? I probably would like to write books instead of screenplays but I tried to write a novel once and I sucked at it which is why I decided to take up screenwriting instead. There is nothing good about either industry.

Ester Lopez

It may be easier to get books published these days, but selling them is the hard part. There's marketing and getting distribution, advertising, etc. I wrote several stories and have published one and having the second book edited. Books are full of "head" stuff. Turning them into scripts is all visual-no head stuff. It's a different mind set, but I think it's easier to write the book first, then go with the script adaptation because you know your characters better.

Danny Manus

There are about 250,000 books published every year. There are about 250 scripts/pitches bought (domestically) every year. so, yes, publishing a book is literally a Thousand times easier than selling a script.

Alden Tan

I'm self-published. Is it easy? Yes. In today's day and age, you literally just have write your book and upload it. It's that easy.

Is it easy to sell tons of books? On Amazon even? No. Super hard. Whoever tells you that it's easy are the same liars who sell books on how to sell books. And they WILL go all out to make sure you pay for their bullshit.

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