Screenwriting : How is everyone’s projects going? by Chloe Haga

Chloe Haga

How is everyone’s projects going?

What’s your favorite part of the writing process? Mine is brainstorming dialogue ideas (which I’m guessing most people don’t do.) Wish you all the best on your writing journey! :)

Doug Nelson

Cashin' the check.

Tasha Lewis

Collecting feedback, working on representation and getting investors.

Craig D Griffiths

Mine is breaking the story. Finding it and then fleshing it out. My projects are on hold for insurance reasons. But a producer has asked for a 10 part webseries written to specific criteria to get around restrictions and budget constraints. That is my addiction, writing down to a budget and finding a way out of a box.

2 characters in physical proximity per episode, police drama, 10 episodes. I have the big story. Just about to slice it into 10 bits with a cliff hanger at each break, it is the web after all.

John Ellis

The actual writing. I do a lot of prep work on a story, so by the time I stare at that blank first page, the words flow - no better feeling than that!

Chloe Haga

I can’t seem to get to the writing part of the screenplay for my current project. Oh well, ill get there! :)

John Ellis

Chloe Haga Keep at it and you will!

Dan Guardino

I am doing an adaptation that is going slow. I've adapted 12 novels and this is probably the most difficult one I've ever done. I am going to write a short to promote another Feature I want to produce. So anyway it is going slow but it is going.

Zach Tirone

having written :)

Natasha Powell

I would say for me, the first draft then the rewrite. Dialogue as well.

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