Screenwriting : Intercutting by Kimmie Easley

Kimmie Easley


I'm searching the best way to format a phone conversation in my TV pilot. Can someone please explain intercutting? Thanks!

Pierre Langenegger

Here's a couple of simple examples.

Beth Fox Heisinger
Craig D Griffiths

I start with the call being made or answered. Scene heading to other side of conversation. I stay on a single side as long as I need. Then new scene INTERCUT: ROMEO/JULLIET I just finished a modern drug drama with teens as main characters. The entire script is virtually calls on phone.

Kimmie Easley

These examples are great. Thanks, Pierre and Beth. Craig, this method is what I'm finding as well. Thanks for the feedback and the premise sounds awesome. Much luck!

Danny Manus

As long as you introduce both scene headings/locations first and you can say Intercut right before the 2nd scene heading/setup.

Jody Ellis

What Danny said.

Kimmie Easley

Perfect, Danny. Thank you. And thanks, Jody.

Dan Guardino

I do it like Danny does it. However I seldom use INTERCUT and mostly when doing phone conversations which I try to make short because people usually don't go to movies to watch people talk on the phone.

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