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Matt Wanicur

Logline and Synopsis

Anyone on here have any success finding a producer/production company on Stage 32 by impressing with their logline and/or synopsis?

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Matt: A definite no for that one. However, S32 is a great place for networking with other writers. And those connections may lead you to other industry connections like they have done for me. Also check out Happy Writers here, if you have not done so already.

Dene Stark

I've had more luck on VirtualPitchFest. But as Phillip said its a great way to meet other writers and professionals. I met my amazing Proofreader on this site!

Matt Wanicur

Thanks guys great info! I could also use a Proofreader for my novels so that could come in handy!

C Harris Lynn


Robert Rosenbaum

I am no longer a great believer in loglines, synopses and pitches. I think to be "discovered" that way is a long shot at best. Create a compelling logline, but don't sweat it too much. Write a good synopsis. Pitch it everywhere you can (including cold queries) and can afford. Take the long shot. In the end, to get your career going, you're probably either going to need to produce something yourself, or connect with someone who can through networking and personal connections.

At least this is what I am finding for myself.

Phillip "The Genuine Article" Hardy

Robert R: Good post. I've seen mediocre to poor loglines even for big movies. But a good high concept logline can also do a lot to peak a reader's interest. Good suggestion about producing low budget or indie where you're more of the driver.

Josh Hughes

No not on here

C Harris Lynn

I got a Request (Callback for actors), but Declined because the Agency was not right for me. The more important aspect of it is that I first pitched to someone else, then got an immediate Approach (from a different entity), so I consider that a very positive thing despite the fact that they chose to Decline.

Erik Grossman

Stage 32 doesn't do "logline/synopsis" stuff through our services... we do straight up pitching. It's a little different, and much, much harder to master... but if you do it right, you'll find yourself landing meetings and making contacts. Ask any of the writers who regularly land intro's and meetings with executives through the site.

Anne Devina Reeve

Thanks for the info Erik...

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