Screenwriting : Looking for a Writing Partner by David George Sears

David George Sears

Looking for a Writing Partner

I have a plot for a sci-fi/thriller but I would enjoy a partner on this project, as I have quite a few other things going on in my life.

Nicholas Cariddo

What's the project--- what type of assistance are you looking for?

Jim Fisher

I'm sure you are aware that a 'plot' is not a script. Depending on how complete your plot is, there are a couple of questions. Of course, $ or no $? Second, and equally important, do you plan on collaborating with the writer? If not, are you willing to give your writer sole screenplay credit and sharing story credit?

Lloyd Vance

Also, with sci-fi/thriller, it is very good for the writer to know what the budget of the film will be (ballpark, at least) so they don't try to give you Minority Report when you're looking for Stalker. And what's your timeline?

David George Sears

A lot of stuff you guys are mentioning are things that I like to talk about with people in a more private matter. I do agree with some of the things though. It is a very bland and vague OP. I was very tired. :P

Matt Solazzo

Hey David, seeing this a little late but if you still need the help send me a message.

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