Screenwriting : “Hyper-narrative" storyline(s) for screenplay... by Big Dave "Eagle-Hawk"

Big Dave "Eagle-Hawk"

“Hyper-narrative" storyline(s) for screenplay...

Can anyone out there in the Screenplay lounge space give me any advice and/or tips on how to write a screenplay with a “hyper-narrative" storyline dialogues in the script? In other words, with the narrator being the principal character of the film...

Craig D Griffiths

If the stories are happening in two time lines I would get you to read the script for “little woman” by Greta Gerwig. She does it amazingly well.

Otherwise just describe it as you see it. Think how the shots will be strung together to visually tell the story and write it in that way.

Big Dave "Eagle-Hawk"

Great advice and script referral, thank you so much Mr. Griffiths!!!

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

Hard to say without knowing the story. Watch other films. Research. Think about how the storytelling device you're using can improve the story as a whole and make sure it isn't holding it back.

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