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Rafsan Mahmud

Need Help

Hi,I'm Rafsan Mahmud. I'm 22. I have sketch of 4 of my stories. But I don't how to write screenplay perfectly. Can any one show me a for·mat of a screenplay. Give me link or something. pls. Have a good time.

Guy McDouall

Here is a link to a sections of John August's website where he has made some of the scripts he has written avaliable. Please be aware that some of the drafts listed are shooting scripts. Shooting scripts will contain some extra information (all the scenes will be numbered) you don't want to submit something that looks like a shototing script. So, in terms of format, the spec script of "Go" is a better model for you to use than the shooting script of "Go" but both versions are up. Here is a link to a site that should answer some basic questions you might have. also has some good info and if you go into the archive section you will find some scripts that have been made available to the public.

Hiram Watkins

Also there are free script writing programs available online to download that way the format will already be in place.

Guy McDouall

Good point Hiram! Yeah, Rafsan, if you're starting out you're going to find that duplicating the look of those screenplays using a normal word processing program like Word is surprisingly tricky - the margins will keep getting screwed up for one thing. There is specialist software just for writing screenplays. The most famous one being final draft ( It's expensive. Luckily, as Hiram pointed out, you have some free alternatives. Here's three of them-- Celtx Trelby Adobe story I'm a big fan of Fade In. It'll cost you $50 which is still way cheaper than final draft but IMHO works at least as well but isn't seen as being the industry standard as Final Draft is.

William Martell

Even with a screenwriting program, you still need to read screenplays to get an idea of what belongs in those action lines and what does not. And I would suggest reading screenplays by many different writers so that you understand what they have in common, rather than just one writer (which only shows you his or her style).

Rafsan Mahmud

Thank to everyone for helping me out. I really appreciate that.

Kathleen Stevens

Hi. There is a website called Screenwritingpro which is free, and converts into script, ie. dialogue, action, characters, etc., as you type the story. I can recommend it.

Pertinax Aureolus

Raf, have you checked out Stephanie Palmer runs the site and while her specialty is pitching she offers in exchange for your name, email address and first litter of kids (kidding, just kidding! <--catch the pun? Ok corny, but I like it) her Screenwriter Resource Guide for free. If you do get it -- go to PDF page 9 (at least in the version I have) and you'll see her top three recommended screenwriting programs, one being free (with an option to upgrade for a cost). Overall, Ms. Palmer offers lots of interesting, straightforward and seemingly useful information about this industry. Best of luck to you.

Amanda Toney

There are SO many opportunities right here on Stage 32. Check out the Happy Writers, found on the top menu bar. You can take classes, get coverage, and when you're finally ready pitch your script.

Richard Toscan

I'd be a bit cautious about -- it is free at the moment and a nice idea, but the vibe off the site suggests it will only be free for a limited time and then become a paid/subscription service. What matters is if they make this change when you're half way through your screenplay and leave you having to pay up or lose your script. If this is your first screenplay, download some professional scripts doing a Google search with the film title followed by the word Screenplay and copy that format as a way of testing if you really like this business of visual storytelling (Don't use a script with numbers running down the left margin -- that's a shooting script, not what screenwriters do in initial drafts).

Kathleen Stevens

I think you may be right, Richard. I've been using for two years now, and awaiting the inevitable message of a paid subscription. Kathleen with kind regards.

Rafsan Mahmud

STAGE 32 Rocks. Thank you everyone.......:)

Sydney Cuthbert

You could try Fade In software. It's only $50 and it imports both Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter as well as other formats. It exports to FD also.

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