Screenwriting : One room script/film by Pedro Chaves

One room script/film

Hi guys, is there a specific name for the type of movie/screenplay that takes place in only one room/place? thanks, Pedro

Chuck Dudley

Pedro -- "Man In A Box" is the "genre". Micro budgets do "Man In A Box" -- Buried (2010) is an example. The Purge was the latest.

Pedro Chaves

thanks Chuck. Now my search for screenplays and old movies can start! :-)

Christine Hinz

Single location. And usually low budget.

D Marcus

I have never heard of "Man In A Box" as a genre. Looked it up and can't find any references to that genre. But it's an interesting term. There are many single location movies. Many are based on stage plays for the obvious reason that a stage play is limited to the amount of locations. Wait Until Dark, Glengarry Glen Ross, Death and the Maiden, Deathtrap, Sleuth, The Petrified Forest, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, His Girl Friday, Casablanca. Check out Cube, Rear Window, Dial M For Murder, 12 Angry Men, Key Largo, In a Lonely Place, Fail-Safe, Assault on Precinct 13, Inside, Invasion, Evil Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Saw, Clerks.

Päivi Holländer

A play? :D

Chuck Dudley

Pedro a Producer here on Stage32 was looking for "Man In A Box" scripts. He also listed 5 must see "Man In A Box" movies. D Marcus -- he listed some of the same movies you did :-)

Kirk Johnson

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