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Stacy Gentile


As a guy it's hard to admit this but I use Pinterest to keep my story in focus. I will often times put pictures and links and all kinds of things centered around my story so I can have some visual elements to focus me. Here is my question. Am I the only one here using it for this?

Kerry Douglas Dye

I'm a big fan of putting software to work to help me organize ideas. I personally never thought of Pinterest, but it sounds like a smart use of a free tool. As a side note I got a good chuckle out of your blush of embarrassment. Suggests that maybe Pinterest has a marketing problem. :)

Shawn Speake

Sounds cool. How do I check it out?

Stacy Gentile

Just go to its FREE and honestly as a writer its a pretty cool tool to visualize things.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Stacy, another FREE tool is creating a blog about your story -- posting ideas, images, notes. You can make your blog PRIVATE -- while you are working --- so you're the only one who has access to it. My blog is public. I'm posting the link in case you want to look at my format to visualize how much space you'd get on Blogger vs Pinterest ---

Amanda Toney

Definitely not! Most people use pinterest as a story board or a vision board. Helps keep all of your ideas in one place. Great idea!

Kristopher Rickards

Just signed up, what a great idea. As an aside, I once read the inventor of Pintrest would go around Apple stores and change all the home pages on the tablets, phones & computers to Pintrest which created a massive interest at the launch level. That's the kind of guerilla marketing that should be done with the films we all make.

David Levy

I keep a text document open on my iMac where I can write notes, drop pics and all other research onto one doc and save it on my hard drive and Dropbox. The pics can always be dragged or linked to in case you need to view your work when you do not have internet access. If you have internet issues then no access to Pinterest when you need it so back up that info!

Becca-Chris M

My sisters do that in their writing. I haven't yet tried. I think it's a good idea.

Trevor Murphy

It's an excellent tool for's similar to OneNote from Microsoft I've found :-). Any tool that helps make your story easier to tell or write can only be a good thing...and no, you are most definitely not the only person using it like that haha.

Paul Stretton-Stephens - Future Mindset Coach

I love using Pinterest, I use the images to help me describe scenes in detail. Others provide inspiration. It's a great tool.

Dawn Gonchar

Great idea Stacy! - thanks for sharing!

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