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Matthew Corry

Pitch Document Help

Hi all,

So I have an opportunity to pitch a TV show for development to a streaming service. I have 1 main concept and a secondary concept, which they want, but I have to put together a one sheet statement as to why these shows are right for them/great and that's what I need help with. Does anyone have any advice on format or techniques to use when compiling the sheet? Any good lines or statements that people may use that would appeal to a producer or development exec?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Nick Nichols

Would be happy to send a written pitch I just did, if you'd like. It's two pages, but sounds similar to what you are looking for.

Allen Roughton

A one-sheet is usually a logline and bare-bones pilot/series outline. How what you write will affect the reader is dependent on who the reader is. If it was someone at FX, you'd want to pitch a concept that matches their town. For a streaming service, what makes that different than a network or cable channel? What about your series makes it the right fit for their distribution/production model?

Matthew Corry

Nick Nichols that would be appreciated. I'll message you.

Nick Assunto - its an overall pitch document that has to cover my main pitch but also my secondary pitch. Its about why they would be a good fit for them etc.

Allen - Cheers for the advice.

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