Screenwriting : Putting Yourself In Your Characters by David Levy

David Levy

Putting Yourself In Your Characters

Question: When you think of developing a new character, what about you and your background have you written into a character? When you write and look at that character, how much do you see yourself in that character?

William Martell

They are all me! Everything I write goes through the filter of me, so they can't help but have some of my DNA. But I've written a vampire script that contains conversations I've had almost verbatim, and fighter plane movies that were really about personal family issues, etc. It's all cheap therapy, where I examine my life problems on screen and people pay me to write the scripts and then other people pay to see the movies.

Janet Elizabeth Swainston

Agree with William, at least a little piece of me is in every character I write

Trey Wickwire

I agree with William. All characters are composites and even the ones I pattern after someone else inevitably have at least a piece of me within.

Tim Vanbaelen

since i have a multiple personality disorder, they're all me :p

David Levy

Ha Ha, I know the feeling!

Steven Michael

I think of what I would do if I were that character. Then I remove facets of me one by one until the character's marrow is exposed.

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