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Jed Power

Query letters

Any suggestions where to find Templates/examples of screenplay query letters?

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, Jed Power. I'm not sure if there are query letter templates/examples, but I can put one of my query letters in the comments.

Jed Power

That would be GRE,TMaurice I'm sure you've had success with it and Thank you, Jed.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Jed Power.

Here's what I put in a query letter and one of my query letters:

I try to think of a catchy subject line.

I always start a query letter with "Hi, _________,"

Then I let the person (executive, director, producer, etc.) know why I'm emailing.

After that, I mention the logline. Some script leads tell you that the producers, companies, etc. only accept loglines in query letters, so I exclude a synopsis.

If the script leads say the producers, companies, etc. are open to more than a logline, I include a short synopsis. Sometimes I also include what's special/unique about the script (usually just one sentence) and a small paragraph about how many characters are in the script, how many locations are in the script, etc., but I like to keep my query letters brief, so I don't always include this information.

Next, I mention that a treatment and a pitch deck are available, then I thank the person for hearing my pitch.

Sometimes I add a short bio but not always (because I like to keep my query letters brief).

I end the email with my name and contact info.

Sometimes I change up the order of my query letters to make them exciting and unique. I like to test out new query letter formats.

And one piece of advice: Keep query letters short. Producers, agents, etc. get a lot of query letters, so they don't have time to read a long query letter.


A catchy subject line: The House is ALIVE! - "Escape the House" - Horror/Comedy Script Pitch

Hi, ______,

How are you doing? My name is Maurice Vaughan. I found your post on _________________ (or I'll mention who referred me to the person that I'm emailing). I have a Horror/Comedy feature script about a living house that wants a family and a maid. It's titled "Escape the House." (I put the title in red bold)

Logline: After a disobedient teen and her mom move to a small town, the family and a neighbor try to escape from a living house that wants a daughter, wife, and live-in maid.

Picture “Monster House” as a live-action movie (I put this in red bold).

Short Synopsis: A disobedient teenager named Julie and her mom, Andrea, move into a small-town house that’s alive. Knowing it’s alive, their new neighbor, Harriet, tells them they need to move out. The house introduces itself as Hank and says it wants Andrea and Julie to be its family; to replace its wife and daughter who died. They say no, so it locks them inside and says they’re not leaving. It tells Harriet she will be the family’s maid. Julie, Andrea, and Harriet try to escape, but the house prevents them from getting out. After Julie and Andrea find out about the house’s main weakness, they injure it and escape.

The full synopsis is in the treatment. A pitch deck is available. Thanks for hearing my pitch.

Maurice Vaughan

Contact Info

Jed Power

WOW! Maurice and Thank you. It is very helpful.. Contact info on lower left? Best, Jed.

Maurice Vaughan

You're welcome, Jed Power. Yes, I put my contact info on the lower left.

Molly Peck

Hi Jed, I believe Stage 32 has an official "Sample Query Letter" - shoot an email to if you're interested.

Jed Power

Thank you. Molly. I just did. Jed.

J. Austin Gentry

Screenwriters Bible by Dave Trottier, page 328.

Art Wasem has a lot of templates.

Jed Power

Thanks, Austin. I have it!

Dan MaxXx

know something personal about the rep you are targeting.

Like , "Hi, we are both USC Alum and professor xxxx" suggested to contact you..."

Jed Power

Didn't see any screenplay query letters, Art but thanks anyway.

Rashon Bryan

Hi Jed Power... Many pros suggest reading this:

Keep it short. Intro (an accolade and personalize it in 1-2 sentences). then, just a logline. Not even a synopsis - just short.

Also, some management/reps have instructions on how they want you to reach out, so make sure to do your research 1st and the answer may be right on the "contact page".

Niki H

Hi Jed, Audrey Knox has a webinar tomorrow about Query letters:

We also have other webinars on Query letters and cold calls. If you're a Writers Room member, Antonio D'Intino recently held a webcast about Query letters.

Jed Power

Thank you, Rashon.

Jed Power

Thank you, Dan.

Jed Power

/hi Nikki, and Thanks. Of course I have PT appt. then. Wonder if it will be available at other times? Jed.

Niki H

Hey Jed, all webinars are available on demand afterwards if you can't make them live!

Jed Power

ok, Niki, thank you,Jed

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