Screenwriting : Re-writing!! by Ed Vassie


Just when I think I've got a final draft and I start proof-reading WHAM! Wholesale re-writes! I wonder what the record number of drafts is for a script...

Shelley Reid

I don't think it ever ends until it gets produced. That means I have five in rewrite. ;)

William Martell

Hey, even after the film is produced you may do rewrites! I've done post production rewrites a couple of times: writing dialogue to be dubbed in. It never ends!

Pierre Langenegger

I'm up to draft twelve for my short that's shooting in about a week.

William Martell

I had some meetings with Jon Peters' company around the time of WILD WILD WEST, and they had a huge bookshelf filled with different drafts of the script!

Mike Briock

Delete... Edit... Rewrite... Rewrite... Rewrite

Susan Holtzer

I don't think in terms of "drafts." I just keep reworking it. Of course, that was for books, but on the spec scripts I'm doing now, my procedure is pretty much the same. What I do have are an extensive series of outlines, and those are numbered. The script that's just about finished is from outline #7.

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