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Sho Mari


I'm thinking about going to the academy of art university for screenwriting and possibly film. Should I? there is also a side to me that feels like that can't be thought along with filming. Maybe i should go with someone else.????

John Garrett

That is a question only you will be able to answer. Do you believe you are going to get your moneys worth? You are purchasing training. Will that training really get you to a point you want to be? But only you will know if that is the right thing for you. Wasn't my path, but it is the path of many others.

Regina Lee

Hi Sho, I've worked in "Hollywood" for 15 years. I've never knowingly met anyone from that program. Maybe I have met alumni, but the program has never come up in conversation. What's their success rate? Do they have well-placed alumni? Rhetorical. You're right - some things can't be taught, but classes can be a nice stepping stone in a long, rewarding journey.

Sho Mari

the students that graduated have worked at Paramount and,Pixar and Universal, Marvel

Regina Lee

Great. A strong alumni network can be a huge factor in helping young alumni land their first jobs in Hollywood!

Cherie Grant

The great thing about schools is that you meet like minded people and are exposed to events, people, ideas that you normally wouldn't be. There is no down side to school unless it's rubbish. I loved it.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

I'd look carefully at the CVs of your potential instructors. Are they working screenwriters or more generally working filmmakers? If not, I think I'd look elsewhere for training. (I know nothing about this particular program.)

Lauri Donahue

I think racking up tens of thousands of dollars in debt to learn screenwriting is a terrible idea. The degree won't help you get a job, and there are cheaper ways to learn the skills. If you're rich, then go for it -- but pick a school with a stronger rep.

CJ Walley

Sho, only you can determine what form of learning is best for you, which sadly isn't all that easy.

John Totten

Please don't take this as an insult, but based on your posts, I'd suggest going to your local JC and take the English composition classes. Your basic English skills are way off. Get an AA, then go to a university and major in RTVF, Communications, or maybe even English. Everybody in "Hollywood" is looking for a degree from a state university or college. The training from a private school won't hurt, but it needs to be in addition to the college degree. Take the right classes in college and you won't need the private school. In your profile picture you look young, so you've got the time to invest. It's not an overnight process.

Sho Mari

I'm very indecisive though thats why this is so hard this is why I need some advice

Sho Mari

John I don't take it as a insult. Its just the way I talk through my writing. I was very good in English when I was in High School. Im also 22, so typing in a young adult world is very lazy to me. As far as typing correctly grammar punctuation all that jazz. But this is a very tough situation to think about.

Sho Mari

Im also not a school person I'm just not sure about my career.

Regina Lee

Hi Sho, if you are not 200% certain that you want to be a screenwriter, I highly encourage you to intern before you commit to an art school. "Hollywood" is a business that requires 200% commitment. It's just too hard a business, and no one should torture herself trying to enter it if you could take it or leave it.

Jack Holt

Have you written anything? If not, just start writing and motivating yourself. I'm an editor and I went to school for it. I have an editing job but also a lot of debt. Not once has anyone asked to see my degree. If you have discipline you can teach yourself. You can learn by reading a bunch of scripts, and writing. They have books that teach you the structure. The main thing, besides a great script, you need is connections. That would be one of the few reasons to go school for screenwriting. I'm not saying school is bad. School is very fun when you're learning your passion. If you're the type of person that needs structure to learn something, then school is good for you. On the other hand you can just start screenwriting and think about whether going to school is right for you

Sho Mari

I write all the time. Im ready to start shooting. I don't do well with structure I'm more of a hands on type of person. School to me doesn't help me I fell I learn more with networking, watching, observing, reading. Im a visual person thats how I learn or would like to learn also I don't have patience when it comes to school so I just blow it off. But the film industry is def where I would love to be its a passion of mines. I know for sure it is so I'm willing to commit no matter how hard the industry is.

CJ Walley

You can do it, Sho. There's two things you need for screenwriting; imagination and dedication. If you weren't a good academic at school it's unlikely much will be different at university. I did a marketing chartership night class at a university ten years after I left school and I was the same day dreaming, study avoiding, class clown that I was the decade before. Embrace what pushes and motivates you and don't avoid what challenges you. Structure, technical writing skills, voice etc are elements which will come to you with practice. I've always really struggled with spelling and grammar, to the point I thought I was dyslexic and kept taking tests - but I get a little better everytime I write a new script. If you're a hands on learner get hands on. It doesn't have to be via school, it can be via a filmmaking group, it can be via books. Be the next Tarantino, Sho!

Sho Mari

Hahaha thank you so much for the support! You have just given me motivation! I appreciate you! Sorry I'm late. But thank you!

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