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Matt Ip Shaw


Has anybody heard of the recent murder of Ahmaud Arbery? I think this screenplay needs to be made and it needs to reach everybody. EVERYBODY needs to know this story. Not just the fact that people die, but that people are still being hunted. We need to illuminate this human behaviour in our work and do everything we can to stop it.

I have one scene written already. Anybody want to collaborate?

Daphne Russell

Agreed. It is so tragic and heartbreaking as well as infuriating.

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services Coordinator

Hi Matt! Yes, it's really upsetting, and frustrating that it takes internet outraged MONTHS after it happened to get the D.A. to do anything about it. Systemic racism in America is a serious problem, and it seems to only be getting worse by the day. However, I must caution you against telling Ahmaud's story. If your script was picked up, it's going to bring a lot of outrage for two reasons 1.) You're not a black or African American writer and 2.) It'll be seen as capitalizing on a tragedy despite your heart being in the right place. It's simply too soon, and I'd recommend taking the rage you feel from this incident and turning it into an original work from your point of view that touches on these issues.

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