Screenwriting : What can Batman teach you about selecting the right tone of your screenplay? by Brad M. Johnson

Brad M. Johnson

What can Batman teach you about selecting the right tone of your screenplay?

Making sure you have the right tone for the story you want to tell is vital to writing s great screenplay. Read my latest Script Magazine column on the topic and let me know what you think down in the comments!

Specs & The City: Story Tone and 'Batman'
Specs & The City: Story Tone and 'Batman'
Know what story you want to tell before you sit down to type FADE IN. It's the best single piece of advice a writer can be given, but too many of us still don't follow it.
Gordon Olivea

I read this the other day and it inspired me to write the tone of my screenplay in two words on an index card. I want the audience to go "wow" in every scene. Star Wars did it by being unrelentingly awesome. Chariots of Fire was completely different, but it has consistency of tone as well. What I took from your article is: do what the story demands. Choosing the right character for the story is critical, and to a lesser extent so is choosing the right tone, the right time period, the setting. btw: I always thought that Nolan's Batman is the best, even if I appreciated the camp of earlier versions. With Nolan's films, Hans Zimmer is epic, the photography is epic, the cast is epic, and so we get an epic film. btw part 2: I remember when George Clooney mentioned Batman in his Oscar speech, and I was like, "Oh yeah, he was Batman." Kind of like, Superman III and IV were made. (or did an alternate universe jump through a black hole and deposit them on sorrowful Earth?)

Brad M. Johnson

Thanks, Gordon, I'm glad the column got you thinking about tone!

Laurie Ashbourne

Batman is a fantastic example! I think Ben's take will no doubt take advantage of Argo fuck yourself combined with political undertones.

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