Post-Production : Birdman by Joe Morley


So I watched Birdman last month and I'm so confused as to how they did the moving camera shots in front of the mirror without showing the camera in it. Also, when the camera passes through a railing backwards in one shot, if anyone could explain how both of these effects are done it would be appreciated.

Prakash Kumararajan

Hello Joe, The reflection in mirror can be painted out / removed after shoot in Post. And regarding railing shot can you be bit detailed of the shot. Cheers Prakash

David H. Watkins

his is done by shooting through a forty five degree mirror. this allows the camera to be at right angles to the principle and not be seen in the frame

Steve Payne

My thoughts turned to smoke and mirrors, I will state that I have yet to see the film but there should be several ways to do both effects the railings and mirror shot could both be done using a periscope lens arrangement, in the mirror shot this could then be digitally painted out, another method would be to do it completely digitally shooting from both sides in a green-screen environment then flipping the image to be the reflection and painting it into a digital reflection of what would be seen in the mirror, Thinking "Old school", I'm sure with a bit of tinkering to get things lined up correctly, a similar effect could be produced using a variation of the "Pepper's Ghost" technique.

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