Post-Production : Has anyone used Free Form Sculpt epoxy putty by Smooth-On? by Shiva Rodriguez

Shiva Rodriguez

Has anyone used Free Form Sculpt epoxy putty by Smooth-On?

I just got some of this in order to avoid making a huge mold for a custom weapon gag. It's a nightmare to work with, and I'm hoping that someone here might have experience with it. It's got the consistency of hard taffy (to the point where I'm literally chiseling both Part A & B out of the containers) and is so sticky that I'm changing gloves every two minutes just to blend the two parts together. Once blended, it's like trying to sculpt glue. Over the course of five different attempts to work with it, the only time it even cured correctly was when I formed a thin shell over an armature. Anything thicker than a quarter inch resulted in a tacky mess. I've tried a using different types of gloves just in case it reacts with latex or nitrile. I've also worked with it at different temperatures (within room temp range). I also picked up some of the Free Form Air, which has been working beautifully but it's extremely lightweight and not really suitable for the project I'm working on. Did I just get a bad batch of FF Sculpt or is this a terrible product?

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