Post-Production : Visual Effects by Rose Waldschmidt

Rose Waldschmidt

Visual Effects

Not that special effects aren't fabulous, but is there an area for visual effects?

Beau Janzen

Agreed! This page seems to be a hybrid of the two, which doesn't really do justice for either.

Jack West

There are some members who list their specialty as visual effects. Shout out to them.

Royce Allen Dudley

Post-Production ( although it is best planned with VFX people before production )

Simon © Simon

I think you found it. If you want FX on a movie, post under jobs and your budget, what you had in mind. I see people run ads with more info about the pay (which boils down to the longer the story the more the ...) Just find a video on youtube where you want to emulate. The time marker, do not ask someone to watch a 5 or 50 minute movie for a 3 second shot at 2.23 in. Post your Max pay you can afford, (your budget.) You should have some luck.

John Kephart

I love the old school in-camera-type visual effects such as forced perspective, mattes, using miniatures...

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