Stage 32 Meetups : Hong Kong by Rhys Bradley

Rhys Bradley

Hong Kong

Looking to start or join a Stage32 Hong Kong Meetup...

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Rhys - definitely network with Stacey Malo - she knows lots of people in Hong Kong!

Theresa Glory

i would love to join too.. :) I'm currently in Macau

Alex Lloyd

Sure! I would like to join too...

Dean Tzembelikos

I'm in too. When and where?

Kris Bole

for sure ll be a great pleasure , just let us know when and where ?

Rhys Bradley

How about Hong Kong meet up on Friday October 17th +- 09h00PM. We can arrange a venue in Central ?

Ula Woronko

Hello to all of those in HK. I know this is an old post..however, I was wondering if anyone can recommend a free or by the hour location to shoot a video interview in Hong Kong? Thanks so much!

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