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Craig Yahne
Stage32 Meetup in Seattle if people are interested?''

Would like to start a Stage32 meetup group in Seattle sometime this year if people are interested?'''

Deena Vichugsananon

I'll be out of town August 2nd-10th. (This is like herding cats, isn't it? :) ) So any other weekend evening will work just fine for me.

Crystal L. Smithwick

I could do Saturday evening. August 16

Beth Fox Heisinger

Great Crystal! Dana, I'm sorry that weekend isn't working for you. Perhaps after we have a first meeting we can then schedule monthly meet ups.... Catch you on the next one. :) Okay, it looks like Sat...

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Beth Fox Heisinger
Allen R Haynes JR

Hello! I was recommended by a script supervisor to take any positions into extras. I want to stay in Seattle, Portland, maybe California but a bit pay to do it. Can you add me and contact me in via em...

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Erik Bernard
Seattle, Washington Area

Anyone interested in meeting up in the Seattle area?

Dave McCrea

Yeah sure, you got the airfare right?

Erik Bernard

Dave if you come with a packaged concept we can get behind with partial funding. Airfare is no issue.

Crystal L. Smithwick

There's another thread about a Seattle meetup. We should consolidate them.

Allen R Haynes JR

Hello! Do you guys have any register openings for backward actor ( extra) to gain some experience? I would like to schedule it in the summer time mid or late June

SEATTLE Stage 32 Meetup - SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 6:00pm, The Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant at Pacific Place. Hope to see you there!

Beth Fox Heisinger

Great guys! :) CK, it would be wonderful to meet you too. :) Fado is downtown. You could always stop by, leave early. These meetups usually go for 2-3 hours and are casual. Please don't stress about this. Do what works best for you. You could always catch the next one. :)

Gail Clifford

Sounds great, Beth! If I'm not taking my daughter back to college that week, I'll plan to be there!

Kris Keppeler

If I'm in town I'll definitely be there. I may have to go to Wenatchee to watch over my Dad while my mother is on a trip, not sure of the date yet.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Okay, everyone! I just posted the official Seattle Meetup announcement for Thursday, August 20. Please go to the Meetups section where you can comment and RSVP. I hope to see you there!

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Md Salmam

Thats Great

Arhynn Descy
London Meetup - August 28th

Message from Andy Lewis: NEW MEET UP. 28th August a Thursday was the date discussed. I will book this today. 7pm at 11 Pimlico Rd, London SW1W 8NA

Arhynn Descy

Sounds perfect....there were about 20 of us last night and the group seems to be getting bigger.

Rene Driessen

yes, that sounds very good brian

Andy Lewis

There's some talk about moving to a restuarant Personally I have no interest in dining at a restuarant. The aim , at the meeting, is to talk to interesting people. No 11 is a bar, with table service i...

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Brian Watson

Yes are right-it's the Curzon Cinema. Haven't got a clue on cost, as I'm always invited for free drinks and networking as a member of the Director's Guild of Great Britain.

Patience Hyford

Hello Mr Andy how are you doing and it's a pleasure to meet you guys here. I really do enjoyed this platform

Duane Kellogg Jr.
Looking for creatives with a Christian worldview

Hi, I'm new to stage 32. I joined hoping to find other people in the film industry who share a distinctly Christian worldview who want to inspire and point people to God in subtle and entertaining ways. I'm a screenplay writer and I'm looking for other Christian screenplay writers who might be willi...

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Duane Kellogg Jr.

Hi Michael, Yes I did see the movie "Amazing Grace". It was the story primarily of William Wilberforce who became a devout Christian while serving in the British Parliament. He and a group of influent...

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Duane Kellogg Jr.

Oh yes, and just a clarification going back to Noel's comment from yesterday. A "worldview" consists of the underlying assumptions and basic beliefs we hold to be true about the world, ourselves, and...

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David Ashutosh

Duane - I like your comment here on world view and what it means. It isn't a distinction I think about often, and haven't felt the need, but in this context it is interesting to think about. Part of w...

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Michael Lockett

Well said David. For me personally (and really that's all any of us have personal and unique experiences in this world) find the common threads of goodness in people is what links us as indviduals as...

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David Ashutosh

As far as I can tell, there is the 'concept' of God which relates to what people think of as 'God' and then the 'experiential' God which relates to what people 'experience' as inner guidance, etc... I...

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Felp Scott
Meetup do Stage32 no BRAZIL - Rio de Janeiro

E aí pessoal do Brasil, alguém pilha de encontrar, fazer uns brainstorm, tomar uma cervejinha? Tamos ae. Abraços

Felp Scott

Cool thanks a lot, i mean A LOT, maybe you can join someday, here or there anyways :P

Felp Scott
not ;(
Keith Myers Melton

Hello all, A very few of us met up in relation to the Journey of the Seeds project (see for more) and we met at my house in Niteroi. If the date and time sui...

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Felp Scott

Rio its better for me.

Roman BRuni

super ! trabalho com desenvolvimento de roteiro

Emily Verdict
Meetings in weekends?

How about setting up a networking meeting once a month in LA like The Piano Bar or something like that on fri sat or sun?

David Ingrassano

There seems to be a meet up planned for BUSBYS on the AUG 12th....seems like we should just join them ....I'm all for moving it up a few days... anyone else care?

David Ingrassano

Melisa...I just found this posted in the lounge section. I figure it doesn't make sense to have two at the same place just days apart. Might as well join them for a bigger networking experience.

David Ingrassano

The post is under Dara Taylor...under La meet ups.

Peter Evans

Sounds good!

London Meet Up

The next London Meet Up will be on Tuesday 10th June at 7pm at No 11 Pimlico Road, London SW1W 8NA the nearest tubes are Victoria or Sloane Square. Please let me know if you are coming so I can book

Andy Lewis

Next meeting 28 August. 2014. Details on thread above.

Dena Barnett

Hi Melody I would like to attend the June meet up. Thanks and if anyone needs a lift from Herts/North London borders, please drop me a line.

Aida Golghazi

Hello everybody, how about another meetup in November?

Francesca Tatini

HI! Is anybody coming at the LSF this week? How about setting up a meeting there?

Amanda Toney
San Fransisco Meetup October 30th

I'll be visiting San Francisco Halloween weekend and propose a meetup! When: October 30th, 2014 Time: 7pm Where: Smuggler's Cove 650 Gough Street, +1 415 869 1900, GO TO THE TOP LEVEL OF THE PLACE FOR THE MEETUP :)

Janet Elizabeth Dyer

I have the flu………ugh! I thought I may be better by today but have been in bed most of the day. I wish I could meet you all. Have a gin and tonic for me. Best , Janet

Darrel Ray

Janet I am sorry to hear that, Get some Hot green tea and honey with peppermint leaves. Hope you feel better soon.

Chris Wirsig

It was great meeting all of you yesterday :-) Have a great (rainy) day and keep in touch :-)

Diane Wasnak

I'm with Chris! Nice meeting everyone!

Caleb Parazette

Good times! Thanks Shannon.

Clifford McKinney
Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Michigan.

I'd like get a regular networking group together in the area. I know there are a lot of talented people in around town. Let's put that creativity to use. So here are the official meeting details September 12, 4pm-7pm Antonio's Cucina Italiana 2220 N Canton Center Rd Canton, MI 48187

Linde Hayes

Hello! I am an actress from around the Kalamazoo MI area :) I am looking to network and get started with a new project since I just got done working on a film. Nice to meet everyone! Please feel free to reach out!

Angel Matheson

Should we set up a meet up. Linde most of us are in the Detroit area. Is that too far?

Hayward Crawford

Hey Angel. I am still open for a meet up, I am in the Southfield/Detroit area. Just let me know.

Angel Matheson

Hayward, I am working on setting something up. I'll let you know.

Linde Hayes

No thats not to far that would be fine, I just would need plenty of notice though :)

Lilith Astaroth

Anyone from Boston here? Meetup? :D

Raouf Zaki

I really hope you are okay, OMG

April Ranck

Cheryl, please take care yourself. Best

Cheryl L. Powell

Thank you April and Raouf.

Cheryl L. Powell

Can't wait to get back to work, so much to do, but doctors say no, have a level 3 concussion, shoulder, ribs and back injuries, still, I love this business, just want to get back to work. do, Working Hard To Get there.

David L Tamarin

I'm looking forward to the next meeting, I haven't attended any meetings yet. Sorry about your car accident.

Xan Aspero
New York City 2015

I would like to try to get a meetup going. Would there be anyone interested in forming one somewhere in Manhattan? Lets try to make it happen in the Spring!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hey everyone! I will send out an email invite to our Stage 32 members in New York so we get more eyeballs on the meetup!

Abigail Yates

Due to the increase in size, we have moved to the The Three Monkeys.

Abigail Yates

The Three Monkeys 236 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019 (212) 586-2080 Transit: 7 Ave (B, D, E) 57th St - 7 Ave (N, Q, R) 50 St (1,2) Still casual, there is street parkin...

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Abigail Yates

Reservations have been made since there are so many of us. (31 so far)

Abigail Yates

If you have photos from the meet up then please share them.

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