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Jared Kasanofsky
New York Meet ups

Are there any Stage 32 Meet ups in the Hudson Valley or in New York City?

Chris Hackett

Looks like no. meetup has some good ones. I think this community is too spread out just yet. hopefully this comment can bump your question up and we can start something

Derek White

hudson valley meet up or new york city would be great.... definitely not too wide and I think a lot of people would attend

Carl Welden

There is a Hudson Valley filmakers, etc. meetup group in New Paltz (Thruway Exit 18).

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Carl Welden

I'm going to try holding one for location and post audio-production, in Kingston, NY if that's of interest:

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Carl Welden

Note: I believe Barnes & Noble is in the Town of Ulster, just north of Kingston, not in Kingston proper.

Danny Manus
PHOENIX AREA MEETUP w/Stage 32 & No BullScript Feb 20th

Hey All, I am teaching a logline/query letter workshop to the Phoenix Screenwriters Association on Feb 21st and doing private consultations, will be hosting a Stage 32 Meetup for the night before: Friday Feb 20th 8pm Majerle's Sports Grill in Chandler/Fashion Square 3095 W. Chandler Blvd Chandler, AZ 85226

Danny Manus

Very excited to meet you all!! it will be a great time! you don't have to be a screenwriter to come.

Dave Taylor

Hope to be there!

Danny Manus

Bumping this up, hope you'll all join us! There will be drinks, Q&A and swag!

Carlo Peter-Andrew Dall'Olmo

You had me at 'drinks'.

Danny Manus

This is tonight! hope to see you all at Majerle's! I've got some stage32 swag to give out!

Manina Lassen
Meeting at Berlin Festival?

Who attends the Berlin Film Festival next week and would like to meet?

Renee Lucas Wayne
How About a Philadelphia Meet-up?

Would like to get some face-time with like minds in the area. Any takers?

Richard "RB" Botto
Stage 32 Meetup at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

Hey guys. I'll be hosting a Stage 32 Meetup this coming Sunday at the Sundance Film Festival. All Stage 32 members and their guests are invited to come network and say hello. Details are as follows: WHERE: Flanagan's On Main ADDRESS: 438 Main Street (across from the No Name Bar) DAY: Sunday, January...

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Richard "RB" Botto

Hey guys. We're planning on setting up shop downstairs in Flanagan's. See you all there!

Richard "RB" Botto

Quick update. Back room downstairs at Flanagans

Helen Cho

Bummed to end up missing it :( had a little last minute chaos at the event I'm working at the Festival. I'm sure it was a blast!

Helen Cho

If anyone wants to stop into the event I'm working...Digital LA Cocktail party ...feel free! 301 Main...goes for another hour. :) say you're with Helen Stage 32

Richard "RB" Botto

Great time! Thanks to all who attended. Sorry you missed it, Helen!

Melissa Damas
Central/South NJ Collective Artist Group Meetings

Hey Everyone! I run an artist group meeting once every month to workshop scripts, acting techniques, and scene studies. I'd love to see our group grow and expand with like minded individuals who want to expand their creativity. If your interested, let me know and I will keep you up to date on future meetings. Best, Melissa

Ted Menzies

Hi Melissa, I would definitely be interested in participating in a central NJ workshop. Keep me in the loop!

Michelle Darein

Hey! I am very interested!

Melissa Damas

Thank you both! It's a free group we hold it once a month and encourage our members to keep pursing their dreams in the entertainment business. We have a mtg this Sunday 1/25 if either of you are free, starts at 11am. If your interested in attending shoot me a msg. :)

Christopher Trastoy

Also interested. I am in North Jersey!

Melissa Damas

Hey Chris! Thanks for your interest, right now we are currently holding mtgs more towards south central jersey. If your still interested send me a msg with your email and I'll keep you in the loop :)

Donna Marie
Fayetteville, NC Area - Actors & Actresses, Writers, Directors Welcomed!

Meet and Greet! Let's see what may transpire. Bring scripts for table read?? If the cold read goes well, practice it as a group scene.

Clifford McKinney
Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Meet Up (soon to be retitled)

I would like to schedule a third meet up on the 20th or 21st of February. At the last meet up it was suggested to move the meet up location a little farther east to accommodate people coming from the Detroit area. I would like to therefore have this meet up in the Dearborn area. I am not familiar wi...

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Robert A. Hughes

Sounds good.

Laura King-Pazuchowski

I would like to come to the next one as well. Let me know when it happens. Thanks for organizing this!

Midwest Music Mafia

the S-32 sent us some info about starting up a Meet up - and some info about there MU section . Some of our people are doing a Latin dance MU on the 29th of March 2015 and we tossed that out as a possible date - is that OK ? any ideas ?

Virginia Shine

I started a meetup down here in Toledo love the new feature!

Lori Aldape

I just joined and am in the Brooklyn/Jackson Mi area. I would like to know about the nest meetup in the area.

Scott Fales
Meet Up in Thousand Oaks

There is a filmmaker's meet-up tonight in thousand oaks at Draughts Restaurant on Moorpark Rd. at 7pm - open to any and all filmmakers.

Angel Matheson

Is anyone in Detroit or surrounding areas interested in doing a meetup?

James Irving Peterson

Angel, although I am in Los Angeles, I am from Michigan. I have a film project we are developing for a shoot with secured locations in Monroe. I am interested in building a network of Michigan writers, directors, and other talent. I would like to stay informed on this meet up.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Hi Angel and James -there's a pretty active group of Michigan Stage 32ers here: I think they've meet up a few times already...

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Shane M Wheeler

Definitely always interested in more meetups! And yes, please, check out the other threads. Here's hoping another happens soon in 2015!

Danielle Fradella
Meetup ATX

Filmmaker workshop meetup tomorrow, Saturday Jan. 10 at 3pm at Lingo Studio Rental. Free to attend! LINGO Studio will be hosting this meetup monthly and will be workshopping everything from screenwriting to shooting and directing to lighting to post-production. Lingo is located at 1701 W. Ben White...

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Joseph M. Armillas
Creative partnerships

Hi fellow Stage 32 members! Would love to start a creative partnership group here in Los Angeles/Southern California with individuals looking to connect with like-minded creatives regarding film/video projects. Personally, I'm trying to build up a producer/director's reel and would not mind voluntee...

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Joseph M. Armillas

Sandrene, we're meeting next Monday 03-16 at my place. Please email me @ for time, address and directions.

Joseph M. Armillas

Hello Jaques. Sorry you're having problems. Here's my email address . If you're sending it from your email you need not add the www.

Shahzel Syed

If i had been there I would love to venture in for an action movie.

Shahzel Syed

our production house website

Joseph M. Armillas

Hi Syed: Thanks for joining in, but we're not quite ready to tackle an action movie just yet! At the moment we're helping each other develop small projects like actor's reels, screenplay ideas, stuff...

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