Stage 32 Meetups : Las Vegas Stage 32 Meetup by Jimmy L. Cullors

Las Vegas Stage 32 Meetup

There are quite a few Stage 32 members living in Las Vegas, NV. We need to have a networking Meetup. I have a lot of ideas maybe can get together and fulfill all of our dreams and make several films, plays, sitcoms...etc

Jimmy L. Cullors

If you are interested in (and live in Las Vegas or surrounding areas) participating in a network meet up. Please contact me.

Dennis R Varni

Hey, I'm interested in a screen writers only gathering. All the other folks are very important too. but they only get in the way. A workshop idea, group members mentor each other in a teaching environment.

Jimmy L. Cullors

I'm game for a meet up , but you have already eliminated me...I am a producer

Antonia Jones-Hackley

Another screen writer here.

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