Stage 32 Meetups : Phoenix meet-up by Jermaine Garner

Jermaine Garner

Phoenix meet-up

I'm willing to do a meet up in the Phoenix area

Tierra Ijere

Do you have a date for the meet up yet

Jermaine Garner

No not as of yet, we can maybe put something together as far as meeting up, a few other people have already started meeting up that I've just met on this site, maybe we can all try and get together one day

Tierra Ijere

Sounds good thanks for the info and keep me posted

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

You guys should get Jon Bonnell involved from Phoenix

Simon © Simon

Thanks for the suggestion Julie.

Mike Leins

I'm in LA but visit Phoenix on occasion. Would be up for meeting some day.

Simon © Simon

Hi Mike, Outta Mesa next door to Phoenix ht me with a P.M sometime when you are around. I might be shooting or the likes. Simon

Anna Sahlstrom

Hi Jermaine, I would love to have a meetup. I'm looking to get together a team to make a movie of my script, The Go-Girls, especially with experienced producers and crew people. I'm new to making a feature film and acting and writing is what I do best. This is an LA SAG-AFTRA production.

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