Success Stories: OCT'18 Reality TV Show Requested by Brian Graden Media!

Reality TV Show Requested by Brian Graden Media!

I've never had an idea for a reality show before this, and I got the request on my 1st try pitching the project. Maybe I should stop writing scripts lol Thank you, Joey and the Happy Writers team!

Amanda Toney

Congrats Patrick that's awesome!

Patrick Bechtel

Thanks, Shannon!

Lina Jones

Congrats Patrick! Reality shows are a commodity these days best wishes!

Patrick Bechtel

Thanks! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I think this show would be really, really funny if it gets made.

Patrick Bechtel

I regret to inform my Stage32 network that my reality TV show was passed on this morning. It was a tough loss. I've never had an exec respond so enthusiastically to one of my pitches before.

Lina Jones

People are so into what everyone else is doing Patrick unless your life is truly boring people will watch it is the curiosity in us that compels us to watch someone else's life. Keep trying and good luck.

Patrick Bechtel

Thanks, Lina!

Oracle Laura

Still waiting for 30+ producers to follow thru on giving me the Reality TV Show they all say they wanted to give me (their idea). So happy to see someone get what they want. Congrats!

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