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Morgan Aitken

This is Transmedia: An Example

Rocky Horror, Crying Game, Boys Don't Cry, Danish Girl, are NOT Transmedia! There may be some OTT (over the top) media associated with these fine features, but for the sake of dog, people, Transmedia does not mean media about trans people -- specifically. The trans in transmedia doesn't refer to the subject matter, it refers to the media (the format of delivery) covering more than one form.

Attached is an example. And why would Star Trek (among zillions of other examples) be transmedia? Is it because Data had a child that chose their own gender in one episode of hundreds, maybe thousands? NO It is because Star Trek is distributed across (trans) many media formats. Not to mention all the fan-fic, cons, merchandise.

Obviously, the OTT (over the top) part could mean, a wee too much, in the Star Trek case, but the reality is, it refers to another format secondary (or on top of, in addition to, supporting) the main distribution channel. Technically, Capt. Kirk boldly set out on television, so that would be the original format. Everything else since then: the movies, the coffee cups, the museums on Route 66, the apps and games... That, me mates, is transmedia.

Shellie Schmals

Morgan Aitken - love this breakdown, thank you!

Jeffery K Gilchriest

Morgan, you are correct. I might also add that each element must contribute something new to the storyline, and not be a replay of what appears on other platforms. Each "leg" of the eco-system must be unified and coordinated across all the different platforms and contribute something new. I recommend Houston Howard's work "You're Gonna Need A Bigger Story" available on Amazon. The PGA also has cut out a defined space just for TransMedia Producers,

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