Acting : New to community. Where to go for accent coaching? by James Boyd

James Boyd

New to community. Where to go for accent coaching?

are there resources here who could help coach me through a British accent? I'm not too far gone, I'm just trying to sound natural and native. I'm doing these voice overs for a set of short films and the audience feedback is that they prefer a British accent to narrate the films. better yet, if someonewith an accent wants to build their portfolio by recording these, that would be great! i can work remote and send high quality audio files for review. I'm doing this as "pay forward", so any help would need to be the same (aka "free)... Thanks in advance!

Ronald M Allen

Look up Markus Flanagan ( I think he can give you objective advise. On the other hand...any oppty's for a fellow Brit to voice???! Dave O'Day has lots of valuable info and resources. Good Fortune! Ronald

James Boyd

awesome! thanks for the links. I'll definitely start there!

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