Event has ended The Production Bunch - 2nd Meeting for the New Cycle

13 Attendees

Mikos Zavros Mikos Zavros Organizer
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Mike Leins Mike Leins
illustrator, production assistant, screenwriter
Lupe Valdez Lupe Valdez
director, editor, producer, screenwriter, talent scout
Isabella Blake-Thomas Isabella Blake-Thomas + 2 Guests
actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, singer, songwriter
Gabby Tary Gabby Tary
actor, author, comedian, concept artist, director, producer
Lagueria Davis Lagueria Davis + 1 Guests
director, line producer, production office coordinator (poc), screenwriter, unit production manager
Laura LaMonaco Laura LaMonaco
actor, director, director of photography, producer, screenwriter
Dennis Deppisch Dennis Deppisch
actor, screenwriter
Jeff Auld Jeff Auld
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The Production Bunch - 2nd Meeting for the New Cycle

Where: Strange Worlds Studios
3129 Verdugo Rd, 90065
Los Angeles, California
When: Monday, December 7th
8:00PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 4 years ago
Updated 3 years ago
Note! Parking on Eagle Rock is easier.
About the meetup

Introduce yourself and tell us what your goals are in film!

Laura G. Chirinos

Where can I see your finished shorts? :-)

Mikos Zavros
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