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40 Attendees

Erik Grossman Erik Grossman Organizer
Dan Jablons Dan Jablons
actor, comedian, director, musician, playwright, screenwriter, theatre director
Matt Hurd Matt Hurd
production assistant, screenwriter
Stephen Barber Stephen Barber
Victor Sunstar Victor Sunstar
actor, author, host/presenter, location scout, photographer (still), researcher
Tennyson Stead Tennyson Stead
director, producer, screenwriter
Elyse Russell Elyse Russell + 1 Guests
director, producer
Joy Bennett Joy Bennett
Andrew Ledford Andrew Ledford
animal trainer, author, host/presenter, marketing/pr, producer
Zack Richardson Zack Richardson
Dea Divi Dea Divi
actor, author, producer, screenwriter
Doug Mazell Doug Mazell
cinematographer, director, producer, screenwriter
Vivek Choudry Vivek Choudry
3d animator, screenwriter
Zack Van Eyck Zack Van Eyck
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Ryan Phillips Ryan Phillips
actor, comedian
Mugs Cahill Mugs Cahill + 1 Guests
Josue Manuel Sanudo Josue Manuel Sanudo + 2 Guests
actor, boom operator, content creator, director, director of development, editor, field recordist, filmmaker, foley artist, music composer, musician, producer, screenwriter, songwriter, sound designer, sound editor, sound mixer, theatre director, transmedia producer, voice actor, voice artist
Dana Walsh Dana Walsh
actor, photographer (still)
Brittani Harris Brittani Harris
assistant director, author, screenwriter
Derek Ziarkowski Derek Ziarkowski
Stephen Desjarlais Stephen Desjarlais
author, screenwriter
Robert Amico Robert Amico + 1 Guests
actor, director, producer, screenwriter
Christina Berlin Christina Berlin
filmmaker, line producer, location manager, location scout
Phil Li Phil Li
Heathyr J. Clift Heathyr J. Clift
George F Gutierrez George F Gutierrez
photographer (still), producer, screenwriter
Herb P Grinker Herb P Grinker + 1 Guests
screenwriter, songwriter
Alphonso Tindall III Alphonso Tindall III
Fritz Feick Fritz Feick
director, editor, filmmaker, producer
Trevor Waggoner Trevor Waggoner
actor, production assistant, screenwriter
Brittany Dukes Brittany Dukes + 1 Guests
content creator, director, filmmaker, photographer (still), screenwriter
  Stage 32 Meetups present:

Stage 32 Monthly Writer's Meetup

Where: The Sycamore Tavern
7038 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028
Los Angeles, California
When: Saturday, September 24th
6:30PM -
Meetup Organizer
Created 3 years ago
Updated 3 years ago
Note! NOTE: THE HAPPY ENSINGS BAR HAS BEEN RENAMED TO THE SYCAMORE TAVERN. Bring your business card for your change to win a FREE set of Development Notes from the Executive of your choice!
About the meetup

Hey guys! We're excited to announce our 3rd monthly Stage 32 Happy Writers meetup! Swing by and meet Matt and myself from Stage 32 along with your fellow Happy Writers!

We talk about everything pitching, writing, as well as the state of the industry and the inside scoop on what Matt and myself are hearing from executives!

Bring your business card and you'll have a chance to win a FREE set of development notes on your screenplay from the executive of your choice! See you all there!!

Stephen Barber

WooHOO! I'm going! I'm really pumped about it. I've missed the last two due to 1, airshow... 2, Kids Birthday. Can't wait! See you all soon.

Joy Bennett

Excited to be attending my first Stage 32 meet-up! See you soon. Joy joybennett.com

Trevor Waggoner

Is it required to print out the banner and the name badge? I don't have a printer.

Preston Poulter

Is their an age limit? I have my 14 year old daughter that weekend who is quite the writer herself.

Erik Grossman

There is no requirement to print out a banner! And preston there is no age limit, though this is being held at a bar... they serve food and soda beverages :)

Elyse Russell

Hi, just googled the location and Yelp says The bar is permanently closed

Erik Grossman

Hi Elyse, it isnt closed, just renamed to The Sycamore Tavern.

Trevor Waggoner

Hi! Me and another attendee are here and can't find anyone.

Elyse Russell

Thanks Erik, we're here!

Trevor Waggoner

If anyone wishes to join us, we're in the room from the right of the entrance!

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