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By David Beran

GENRE: Horror

When horrific scenarios from Edgar Allan Poe stories begin killing a grad student’s friends, she must outwit the mysterious Poe Toaster to break the curse.


NEVERMORE is a contemporary take on Edgar Allan Poe set in present-day Baltimore. Troubled grad student, Lena Bell is obsessed with the Poe Toaster-a real-life mysterious man who visits Poe's grave every year on his birthday to perform a ritual.

Lena's eager to prove herself and leave the memories of her broken childhood and institutionalized mother behind. Secretly, she fears she'll end up like her mother, delusional and dead from suicide at a young age. She's determined to finish her graduate thesis, a documentary on the Poe Toaster, and launch a career as a documentarian. Because of her relationship to mental illness, Poe is a kindred spirit she's drawn to. She and her friends gather in a cemetery at midnight, waiting for the Poe Toaster. Intent on capturing footage, Lena interrupts his ritual and finds an ominous note left at Poe's grave that reveals they're cursed.

Horrific things begin happening. Lena wakes up to find her boyfriend talking in her dead mother's voice. At a Mardi Gras party, costumed guests burn to death while Lena watches on in horror. Her guilt triggers obsessive compulsive behavior and Lena performs bizarre rituals. Eventually, Lena pieces together that the curse involves scenarios from Poe stories and she feels responsible for it. She vows to find the Poe Toaster before more of her friends die.

Using clues the Poe Toaster left at the grave, Lena tracks him down. She begs him to perform the ritual a second time to lift the curse. He agrees, but during the ritual, he's possessed by Poe's spirit and believes Lena is his long lost love. He kidnaps her and locks her into a flooding crypt. Lena must confront her personal demons-in the form of her mother-to summon her wits and save herself before she drowns.

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