John McClung

John McClung

Big Dog Video Productions
Camera Operator, Cinematographer, Crew, Director of Photography, Editor, Gaffer/lighting Technician and Steadicam Operator

New York City, New York

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February 2013
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About John

Co-founder of Big Dog Video Productions and Co owner and Programming Director at WRRW/WYOU, John has worked in the video/film business for 30 years. John has shot and co-produced several feature films with national distribution, seven TV shows, and hundreds of commercials, EPK’s, and music videos for artists including Missy Elliot, Gwen Stefani, Salt N’ Peppa, and Green Day. From 1988-2008, John co-owned Big Dog Video Productions. While running Big Dog, John mentored Hype Williams and Derrick Borte with fundamentals that helped launch their success in Hollywood. In addition to film and video production, John is a skilled technical engineer. He operates and repairs all types of broadcast equipment and provides complete engineering for radio stations, including FCC applications, as well as structuring, designing, and installing transmission, microwave, and studio equipment. An abstract thinker and visionary at heart.


  • Down Jersey

    Down Jersey (2018)
    Film Cinematographer

  • Women On The Move (4th Edition)

    Women On The Move (4th Edition) (2018)
    Film Cinematographer

  • New York Masali

    New York Masali (2017)
    Film Camera and Electrical Department

  • Gender Revolution

    Gender Revolution (2017)
    TV Movie Camera and Electrical Department

  • The Naked Truth

    The Naked Truth (2017)
    TV Series Camera and Electrical Department

  • Jersey Mafia Chronicles

    Jersey Mafia Chronicles (2017)
    TV Series Cinematographer

  • Birr

    Birr (2016)
    Film Camera and Electrical Department

  • Magnificent Burden

    Magnificent Burden (2016)
    Film Camera and Electrical Department

  • The R.I.P. Files

    The R.I.P. Files (2016)
    TV Series Camera and Electrical Department

  • Possibly Cursed

    Possibly Cursed (2016)
    Film Cinematographer

  • FabLab

    FabLab (2016)
    TV Series Cinematographer

  • Salem Occultist

    Salem Occultist (2016)
    Film Cinematographer

  • Dirty Work

    Dirty Work (2016)
    Film Actor

  • Sammy & Sherlock Can't Get Any

    Sammy & Sherlock Can't Get Any (2016)
    Film Sound department

  • Exit

    Exit (2016)
    Film by Alexander Kane (Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Cinematographer Eight strangers awaken to find themselves trapped in an underground parking facility for 72 hours. Two dead bodies have been found. Each stranger is suspicious of the other. Either of them could be the killer. As this cat-and-mouse game of mystery and suspense unfolds, the fate of eight will be decided by two. Written by Alexander Kane

  • Rewind

    Rewind (2016)
    Film by Alexander Kane (Crime and Thriller) Cinematographer Two FBI agents question five survivors of a horrific armored truck heist gone wrong. Each survivor, however, tells a slightly different account of what really happened. Until the truth is revealed, everyone is guilty until proven innocent.

  • Apartment 304

    Apartment 304 (2016)
    Film (short) by B'nard Lewis (Drama) Cinematographer

  • The Emeryville Experiments

    The Emeryville Experiments (2016)
    Film Cinematographer

  • Twinge

    Twinge (2015)
    Film by Steven Goldfried (Crime, Horror and Thriller) Cinematographer, Camera and Electrical Department A van load of bickering students fall prey to a murderous mother looking to add branches to her twisted family tree.

  • Cassanova Was a Woman

    Cassanova Was a Woman (2015)
    Film by Kevin Arbouet (Comedy) Cinematographer

  • Employee of the Year

    Employee of the Year (2015)
    Film by Charles Farmer (Comedy and Romance) Camera and Electrical Department Ciara Charles is a carefree young woman who constantly finds herself jobless and in foolish predicaments through her neglectful antics. Ciara lives with her best friend Juelz, a flamboyant openly gay man, who works in the mail department of Brinkley Financial , a mogul marketing firm. After being fired from her fourth job in just a month, Ciara finds herself in a pickle when she is selected as Brinkley Financial's "Employee of the Year". What's the pickle? She's not an Employee. Through the thoughtless completion of a nomination form, Ciara is selected as the recipient of the award and is entitled to the standard $50,000 bonus. When paired up with the handsome but timid Marketing Director in Franklin McCoy, Cee-Cee attempts to deceive an entire company to get her hand on that money. Ciara also has to standoff the past and would be present "Employee of the Year" in the beautiful but devious diva, Sabrina James; All this without blowing her covert-cover. The plan goes by smoothly until ... Written by Anonymous

  • Item 35

    Item 35 (2015)
    Film (short) by Tiffany Cusaac Smith (Mystery) Camera and Electrical Department While searching for a forgotten Oscar, college student Harold Flemming stumbles into a parallel universe that furtively strives to entrap him forever.

  • Eyes of the Roshi

    Eyes of the Roshi (2015)
    Film by Jon Mark Nail (Action) Camera and Electrical Department EYES OF THE ROSHI is a film about choices. Saigon, 1973. A boy discovers a dead body on the side of the road. The decision he makes will haunt him until the end of his days... The boy is grown, and now a fully realized Grandmaster far from his home. Adam Nguyen is a stranger in a strange land. A vengeful billionaire has unleashed a killer, and the fugitive grandmaster must overcome his reluctance, summon his inner warrior, and battle to protect his adopted home, and the ones he loves. Written by IvanWong

  • Silent Brave

    Silent Brave (2015)
    Film (short) by Jami Ramberan Camera and Electrical Department

  • Pink October

    Pink October (2015)
    Film Camera and Electrical Department

  • American Experience

    American Experience (2015)
    TV Series Camera and Electrical Department

  • The Enemy

    The Enemy (2015)
    Film by Alexander Kane (Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Cinematographer Tension runs high for writer/director Matthew Steele as he awakens in shock to find himself surrounded by six dead women with a 9mm in-hand. In a desperate search for answers, he is confronted by a mysterious caller who taunts him unrelentingly and strives to push him to the brink of insanity. As this spiraling mind-twist of mystery and suspense unfolds, Matthew also finds himself caught between a perpetuating nightmare that seemingly will not end and a suicidal reality that oddly mirrors his dark, demented screenplay called, "The Enemy". Written by Alexander Kane

  • The Many

    The Many (2015)
    Film by Alexander Kane (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Cinematographer A relentless detective takes on a cold case which leads her to investigate a widow suspected of killing her husband. The deeper the detective digs, however, the more baffling the case becomes. As more questions than answers ascend to the surface, the many secrets of the widow will be revealed. Written by Alexander Kane

  • Hayride: A Haunted Attraction

    Hayride: A Haunted Attraction (2014)
    Film by Nick Orazietti (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department In this off-center slapstick comedy about loyalty and friendship, Aaron and Chris are new-found best friends who work at a local haunted hayride. Their friendship is tested when they both develop a crush on the new girl at work, and when it all comes crashing down, they have to find a way to stick together.

  • Heartless

    Heartless (2014)
    Film (short) by Angelo Reyes (Crime and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Heartless follows Ray Chandler, a low level professional thief, who holds up an old abandoned warehouse after a bank robbery goes horribly wrong. While waiting for the instructions from his crime boss, Ira, another member of the crew, Old Man Stanley, arrives at the rendezvous. Tensions rise as secrets begin to unravel and Ray is tormented by the old man's eye, which he hides beneath an eye patch

  • Little Leaguerz

    Little Leaguerz (2014)
    TV Movie Camera and Electrical Department

  • Bachelorette's Degree

    Bachelorette's Degree (2013)
    Film by Altorro Prince Black (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Cinematographer, Camera and Electrical Department "Bachelorette's Degree," a steamy romantic comedy/drama set in Washington, D.C., explores the dynamics of love and sincere friendship, tested by unexpected circumstances. The film stars three beautiful, successful women whose lives are full of possibilities as they debunk the notion of women racing for the marriage altar. Instead, "Bachelorette's Degree" tells the other side of the story. Dennie Lewis is a publicist for a national television personality. Jasmine Dominguez has just finished law school and is eager to get her career started. Kerra Carter is a seasoned middle school teacher. Join them on their hilarious, heart-touching journey. Written by Vonnetta Cornish

  • Daydreamer

    Daydreamer (2013)
    Film (short) by Kerry R. King (Drama and Musical) Camera and Electrical Department A young woman wants to become independent from her sister, and follow her own dreams as a singer.

  • The Joey & Elise Show

    The Joey & Elise Show (2011 - 2012)
    Television by Tess Luthman (Documentary and Talk-Show) Cinematographer Each Episode of The Joey & Elise Show interviews a guest celebrity who is a singer, actor, dancer or musician. This Talk Show is hosted by young actors who bring a special comedic approach to the process. There is a Fun Fact segment, appropriate to the episode air date, and an Improv Moment with some comedy/ music and entertaining impressions by the hosts of the show. The guest is interviewed live in the studio or with remote cameras via Skype, or prerecorded and viewed in the studio on a TV monitor. Edited, prerecorded interviews on the red carpet, are also added to the show via monitor and discussed by Joey and Elise in the TV Studio. Joey and Elise provide Facts and Improv Comedy in the vein of Johnny Carson and Saturday Night Live (for kids). Written by Tess Luthman

  • Eden Eats

    Eden Eats (2012)
    TV Series Camera and Electrical Department

  • Atlantis Down

    Atlantis Down (2011)
    Film by Max Bartoli (Action and Sci-Fi) Camera and Electrical Department 2025 - The Shuttle Program has been privatized and the shuttle Atlantis relegated to glorified taxi between space stations. Its crew is on a routine mission, conducting experiments - little do they know - they are the experiment. Written by Max Bartoli

  • Blood Ties

    Blood Ties (2007)
    Film by Kely McClung (Action) Actor Ex Governmental Operative Jack Davis is being manipulated in a life and death struggle by warring factions within the covert arms of the Homeland Security Agency in a fight for congressional funding. When his brother is kidnapped while working for a foreign embassy, Jack pulls out all stops in a race to save his brother that takes him from the desolate mountains of Virginia to Miami, Washington DC, and then into the exotic lands of Thailand and Cambodia. Written by Kely McClung

  • Moving

    Moving (2002)
    Film by Jonathan Friedman (Adventure and Comedy) Cinematographer, Sound department In Virginia Beach, Virginia, an aspiring novelist, Ron Fervent, returns home one day to find his house has been stolen. Pursued by authorities and insurance agents who believe he committed the crime, Ron enlists his delusional tabloid-journalist friend John in his desperate struggle to escape. Together they uncover the world's most insidious conspiracy, and heroically battle to overthrow it. Along the way, Ron and John discover the true meaning of friendship: interest-free loans. Written by Jonathan Friedman

  • Since I Don't Have You

    Since I Don't Have You (1997)
    Video by Bill Gaunce (Horror) Cinematographer, Writer Dewight has a problem shut away deep inside his mind. Old Man Kavenaugh has a problem shut away in a crumbling shed behind his rural home. When Dewight's car breaks down late one evening near isolated Kavenaugh house, a chance meeting between the two spirals into a bizarre journey. In a world where the fragile wall between reality and fantasy crumbles, and the thin line that separates fact from fiction fades away, their problems become one. A shocking climax reveals the key to Dewight's past, as his life comes full circle. But is it too late? Written by Clayton Sayre

  • The Turtle Dreamers

    The Turtle Dreamers
    Camera and Electrical Department

  • M.I.A

    TV Serie Cinematographer

  • Facade: Chapter 4

    Facade: Chapter 4
    Film Cinematographer

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