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Who We Are:

Apremont Productions was formally Imagine That Productions which was started in 1995. The name Apremont first came to mind from the Apremont Triangle in Springfield, Mass. We also were made aware that Apremont is a town in France that was pivotal in the war.

Besides video production, Apremont is home to published Author Stephen Louis Patrick. Apremont became the name of the town in his book and all future books in the series. Once the book was underway, it was obvious that we need to change the name of the company. One of the first non-client projects we did when forming Apremont was to produce and shoot our first indie film. This was written as a prequel to the Apremont book. This movie is currently in edit, as well as the second and third books are being planned out.

Apremont’s primary business is video production services. Our target audience or clients are artists and small business owners. We provide a variety of packages and services that help them to promote their business or art, as well as to get their name out there to be seen.

We, however, are just not limited to the above. We are also available for weddings, benefit shows, Coming of Age ceremonies and birthday parties to name just a few.

Our motto is “Making All Of Your Wishes, Hopes and Dreams a Reality!”

Our prices are reasonable so that the “Starving Artist” or Small Business owner can afford them. On wedding packages, for example, we offer payment plans to help make it more affordable.

In some cases with artists, we have worked part or all in trade to help them. If we have worked on a project with them, they have volunteered for us. At times, we have discounted the fee in exchange for volunteering.

When we are not working with our clients, who are our first priority here at Apremont, we enjoy working on other projects such as independent films and historic documentaries. It is through our independent films that we have met other local film producers and helped them by providing them space to shoot in at discounted rates or through in-kind donations.

For documentaries, we feel it is very important to document local history and we will continue to do so if the situations present themselves.

As for indie films, artists and small businesses are very important as well. Apremont, being part of all three, realizes that we need to support our communities. We all provide a valuable service to the cities we are in and everyone needs to recognize and support them.

Our Recent Past:

Apremont operated a studio for about three years. Unfortunately, it had proven to be not the location for a studio. We have learned from it and plan to pick up where we left off at a new studio/artist space in the near future.


We are currently not running a studio. This gives us the extra time to work on projects, network and develop different ideas for the business and future studio and hub. We have developed a small team of individuals to run the day to day operations and productions. Four from the Western Mass/Ct area, one from Florida and one from Canada. As we grow, we will be bringing on more producers and volunteers. It is our goal to learn and grow with each other. Not all of our team has video experience, but are willing to learn as we grow. They bring other assets to the team. Such as Customer Service Skills, Organization & Planning and other skills. Thru them, we are planning out some of our new services and offerings such as small business hub, a new web series, and also developing some of the business ideas our individual team members have. In addition to what we currently offer. The new studio will offer spaces for all our team and future hub clients to work. As well as our regular offerings.

In The Future:

Once reopened, our studio will continue where we left off. A place for our staff to create remarkable videos. A place to meet and work with our clients to create that perfect video for them. An affordable space for artists and other producers to work on their projects, some in conjunction with Apremont. This will also be a valuable space for not just production and art shows but as an artist space.

We will have a lounge area where everyone, especially artists can come, have a cup of coffee and work on their projects, watch an Apremont Production video on the TV or talk to our producers. Collaborate with other artists and come up with the next great new project or idea. The space will also be available to the community for events such as birthday parties, showers, community meetings, etc.

Other events at Apremont will be but not limited to: movie nights, tag sales, open houses, small business mixers, indie film mixers, film premieres and live shows. The ideas for events and community involvement are endless.

The studio will also be part of the Apremont hub. This hub will be to help develop small businesses and artists. Apremont will be contracted to provide administrative service to our clients from: memos, emails, scheduling appointments, ordering supplies and much much more. Each client will also have a section of the studio/hub for an office/storage area/work space, etc.

Although we will be providing affordable rates, it is also important to make money. Not just to keep our valuable services going, but to be able to pay our staff. We have been lucky and worked with mostly volunteers, but it is crucial to start paying a small staff.

This is to create jobs in the area as well as to develop a top notch production team to: provide more and more production services, assist artists and small businesses with their projects, and to move forward in the future of Apremont with their projects and goals. Also to create a great team that can work in and develop our community as well as the community that Apremont will call home.

Future Goals:

Once the studio is up and running, we will create an education center, where folks that may not have access to classes will be able to learn and use the equipment. If they can afford to give a fee, great, if not that is fine too. Besides video, we will schedule other art and business type workshops.

They will learn and operate the equipment and help us with our productions. They in turn can create their own projects or pick from our projects in our development folder. They will be supervised by a staff member when in the field with the equipment. As long as their project meets our requirements, we will help them produce the show. Once finished, we will do our best to have it aired in association with Apremont at our current access stations that air us, uploaded to our YouTube, linked to our sites and promote their projects along with ours.

Through this process, we can continue to develop a great team for all of our projects: clients, shows, films and beyond.
We will develop an internet TV station, where all of our productions and some of our fellow producers and colleagues can air their works. It would act like a regular TV station where shows would start at certain times and there will be grantors and promos in between. (If you were to tune in at 1410 the show would be ten minutes in.)

Our cast and crew will continue to do our indie films, and have the cast and crew available for all of our services. Whether they be clients, fellow artists, discounted projects or even some pro bono and in-kind trade. Once the cast, crew and staff are developed, we would like to move in the direction of live shows and performances. These live shows can be internet based as well as stage based, giving everyone not only video/film experience but stage as well. Adding this service would be one more thing we can provide to our communities. Communities being: film/video, all arts, small businesses and the City that we call home.
Thank you to everyone who has been involved with Apremont to this date. Also thank you for viewing our business plan and for your interest in the future of Apremont Productions. We look forward to speaking with you and doing our part for our community.


Bob Ryan – Video Artist / Executive Producer / Owner Apremont Productions


Bob Ryan started producing shows after his internship at a local TV station in 1995. ACTV in Amherst was the first station to air his productions, he also worked there as an interim cable caster for a short time. These days there are a few community stations that air his work including Focus Springfield. He is happy to have his work show in the city he grew up in.

Bob produces his work through his production company Apremont Productions which also has been around in different forms since 1995. For 3 years, we worked out of our own studio in the South End of Springfield and worked with many independent producers.

Our current show is Artist Spotlight that features local up and coming artists. You can see this and some of our older shows right here on Focus Springfield. We also have many productions that we have
worked on with clients. From the History of Mattoon Street, Quilting Guilds, Civil War reenactments, music shows and more.

Watch our shows on Focus Springfield and check out some of our client projects on our website.
Bob and Apremont are here to work with the community especially up and coming artists, producers and small businesses. We are always looking for the next great project!

We are always looking for volunteers to work in all aspects of production from our Access Shows to client projects. Together we can learn from each other. Everyone at Apremont believes that every day is a learning experience. Especially in production where the projects and ideas are endless and with the new equipment that keeps coming out, anything is possible.

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  • WGBY 57 Production internship

  • ACTV Amherst Production classes

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