Loglines & Screenplays by Alper Turfan

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Dead Old Texas

GENRES: Horror, Thriller

Three years after the big outbreak of the dead Carl and little Paulie find Old Texas, a former Western theme park where a small group of survivors settled to rebuild society. But after their arrival a mysterious killing spree begins. The Walking Dead meets Silence of the Lambs.

The Balkan Route

GENRES: Adventure, Crime

The Balkan Route is big again. Hakan and Kemal almost reach dry Dutch land when a police officer thumbs a ride. What happens when a guardian of the law sits in a civilian car on top of 400 pounds of cocaine?

Assembly Line

GENRES: Documentary, Drama

Young boy Cavit comes home from school and finds his father crying on the kitchen table holding removal proceedings papers. Cavit knows what to do.

The Jar

GENRES: Crime, Drama

Alex is a small time criminal who was raised by his dementing grandfather Joseph. Joseph saves money in a jar to buy his grandson a car and while he thinks he has thousands and thousands of Euros he in actual fact only has 17,20€. Meanwhile Alex gets his first oppurtunity for a grand theft. Poverty is jail, your conscience is the jailor.

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