Since 2011, the Stage 32 Happy Writers has been providing services for screenwriters including pitching and coverage directly with and from over 400 industry executives

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Online PitchFest 42: Pitch Your Indie Script Online PitchFest 42: Pitch Your Indie Script - Calling All Character Driven Stories!

 Have a character driven story that you are dying to share with the world? Do you find that sometimes it's hard to find producers and executives that are truly looking for indie films? Stage 32 Happy Writers is here for you! Our next Online PitchFest will bring you executives look LEARN MORE

Pitch Sessions

30 AUG

Pitch Jairo Alvarado (Sunday, August 30th 2015)

Stage 32 Pitch Session with Jairo Alvarado, Literary Manager at Circle of Confusion. Looking for 1 hour TV pilots.
30 AUG

Pitch Romel Adam (Sunday, August 30th 2015)

Stage 32 Pitch Session with Romel Adam, Assistant to Head of Company at Ghost House Pictures. Looking for contained horrors, thrillers and sci fi features and TV.
30 AUG

Pitch Beth Bruckner (Sunday, August 30th 2015)

Stage 32 Pitch Session with Beth Bruckner, Director of Development at Millennium Films. Looking for action and thriller features. No WWII settings and no teenage protagonists.

Pitch John Doherty (Wednesday, September 2nd 2015)

Stage 32 Pitch Session with John Doherty, Creative Executive at Cross Creek Pictures. Looking for drama, biopics, thriller, action, sci fi and horror features.

Pitch Krista Sipp (Friday, September 4th 2015)

Stage 32 Pitch Session with Krista Sipp, TV Literary Coordinator at Circle of Confusion . Looking for comedy and drama TV pilots.

About the Stage 32 Happy Writers

The Stage 32 Happy Writers offers one on one online pitch sessions, coverage, consultations, classes and labs with managers, agents, producers, directors, directors of development and other industry executives. (For more about who we are, click here.)

For our pitch sessions, all writers will pitch directly to the executive listed. You will never pitch to anyone other than the executive you signed up for. Additionally, should an executive request your script, The Stage 32 Happy Writers works on your behalf to follow up with the executive who requested the material. We are invested in helping all writers further their careers by landing representation, optioning or selling their work, or securing meetings with industry decision makers.

Below are dates, times and locations for upcoming sessions. All times are Pacific Daylight Time (PDT - Los Angeles, CA) unless otherwise noted.

Happy Writers History

Joey Tuccio founded The Happy Writers back in 2011 after working as an executive for various film production companies including Bold Films (DRIVE, WHIPLASH). Joey has always had a soft spot for screenwriters and the myriad of challenges they face in trying to break into the industry. Similarly, Joey had often heard the plight of many development executives, managers, and agents in the industry who found it challenging to discover quality material and exceptional new talent. His novel idea to connect screenwriters and executives via Skype was an instant success.

In 2013, The Happy Writers joined forces with Stage 32 to host a number of Online Pitchfests giving screenwriters the opportunity to pitch to a variety of executives over the course of a single weekend. The sessions were an instant success. In April of 2014, Stage 32 acquired The Happy Writers and named Joey President of the (now titled) Stage 32 Happy Writers - a division of Stage 32.

To date, The Happy Writers and the Online Pitchfests in conjunction with Stage 32 has lead to over 200 screenwriters launching their careers by securing representation, being optioned or sold, or landing work writing for either television or film. The Stage 32 Happy Writers is proud to boast over 400 managers, agents, producers, directors of development, and other high level decision makers in our stable of executives who hear pitches for the company. Many of these executives also provide coverage services (never guess who's reading your script ever again!), teach classes and labs, and offer mentoring opportunities exclusively for The Stage 32 Happy Writers.

Simply put, I have never met anyone who cares more about helping screenwriters realize their dreams like Joey. As a screenwriter myself, I understand all too well how tough it is to go it alone and to make your way in what is a very difficult and competitive business. Joey's honesty, enthusiasm, and unbridled passion for connecting writer with executive makes the whole process not only easier, but significantly more collaborative. His track record speaks for itself. I'm proud and honored to have him as a part of the Stage 32 family.

The Stage 32 Happy Writers will continue the passionate and honorable precedent Joey Tuccio set back in 2011. We will continue to take you beyond the gatekeepers to the feet of the decision makers. The best is yet to come.

Richard "RB" Botto

Founder & CEO

Stage 32

Joey Tuccio

President - Stage 32 Happy Writers



Stage 32 Happy Writers Coordinators - Erica Bardin, Erik Grossman, Brandon Combs, Cheryl Texiera, Briana Hansen


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Frequently Asked Questions

Stage 32 Happy Writers FAQ

Who are you?

The Stage 32 Happy Writers is a division of the Stage 32 social network and educational site. If you do not have a Stage 32 account, you can sign up for free at

What do you do?

The Stage 32 Happy Writers gives screenwriters and filmmakers the opportunity to get beyond the “No solicited material” rule enforced by so many production companies, managers and agents by providing direct access to Hollywood decision makers through our enormously successful Online Pitchfests and individual pitch sessions.

Our roster of over 250 managers, agents, directors, producers, directors of development, and other industry executives is without parallel.

Many of our executives also offer coverage services. You no longer have to wonder WHO is reading your script. The executive you choose is the executive that provides the coverage.

We also offer a wide ranging lineup of classes and labs designed to help hone your craft, navigate the waters of the Hollywood system, and enhance your chances of becoming a successful, working, paid screenwriter.

How do I pitch?

We offer two ways to pitch to an executive, through Skype or by submitting a written pitch. To learn more, visit Pitch Sessions or Online Pitchfest.

Can you guarantee that my script will be passed along to an industry contact?

If you have a good script then YES! Understand, that if we feel that your script is not ready yet...don't fret! We are here to help either way. Feel free to contact Joey Tuccio anytime before or after our consultation. The best part about the Stage 32 Happy Writers is that we want you to be...well...happy! And don't forget, our analysts are all ACTIVE industry players, so you will at least have one professional looking at it.

What if you pass my script along and it gets made? Will you get a percentage, credit, etc?

We just want to be thanked at your Oscar or Emmy speech. No, we will have no stake in the project once we pass it along.

Has anyone had success with your Online Pitchfests and other pitch sessions?

Well over 150 writers have been signed, bought, optioned, or placed in the television or film workspace due to their pitches with our company. You can read some of our Success Stories here. You can also read testimonials from our writers and our terrific executives here.

What if my script is not ready? Then what?

Every case is different. Some are THIS close, some need work and some, unfortunately, are doomed from the start. Our goal is to never have a writer feel lost after a consultation. If a month goes by and you have a question, email us and ask! We are here for YOU.

Can I choose which executive I want to pitch to? Can I chose with executive will read my script?

Of course! For our Online Pitchfests and other pitch sessions, feel free to tell Joey a little about your project and he will help you find the right consultant based on tone and genre. As it relates to our Coverage Services, the executive you choose to cover your script is guaranteed to be the person who will read and provide coverage.

Any more advice?

Whether you use our service or not, just be wary while exploring other services. Some key elements to look for is that the company is located in Los Angeles or New York, the readers are active industry players (having one credit in 1985 does not count) and be sure that they will be able to answer your questions even after the consultation is done. So many services will charge for every minute that they talk to you. These people are just in it for the money.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to call or email Joey with ANY other question you have at The Stage 32 Happy Writers is ultimately here to help you, so take advantage of the hospitality!