Mike Scherer

Mike Scherer

Screenwriter in Cary, North Carolina

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Blackridge Omega

GENRES: Action, Sci-fi

A journalist races against the clock to track down an amnesic mercenary, re-animated with superpowers, before the assassin can discover his identity and complete his mission: kill the President of the United States.

Scorpio Cruise

GENRES: Thriller

A family man, forced to kill the rival of a local drug dealer in order to free his kidnapped wife, botches the assassination attempt and is left for dead. Now he must uncover his true nature, confront the drug dealer, and free his wife. Taken meets Falling Down

Cardinal Sin

GENRES: Thriller

A life-weary immortal struggles to prevent WWIII only to discover his lover, also immortal, is hell-bent on starting it. How do you stop a terrorist who is immortal?


GENRES: Action, Adventure

A cynical American discovers himself in a race against a rogue Mossad agent and a religious fanatic who will stop at nothing to control the tomb of Jesus Christ.


GENRES: Action, Sci-fi

An ex-government agent and an archaeologist team up to expose a shadow government inside a secret government lab buried deep in the New Mexico desert.

A Soldier’s Honor

GENRES: Action, Adventure, War

During World War I a young Quaker, sent to the front as a stretcher-bearer, experiences the reality of war and struggles to remain true to his peaceful values.

Red Frenzy

GENRES: Horror, Thriller

A serial killer, with a thing for redheads, meets his match when a mysterious red haired woman moves to town and he soon discovers she is not who, or what, she seems.

Lawyers, Guns and Money

GENRES: Action, Crime

An ambulance-chasing lawyer takes a multimillion-dollar lawsuit as a favor to his estranged brother, a high-powered attorney, only to discover that his client and his brother’s motives have nothing to do with justice.

Raven Mocker

GENRES: Horror, Thriller

A troubled teen battles a supernatural entity hell-bent on eliminating her family.

Bad Penny

GENRES: Action, Sci-fi

An archaeologist discovers his own mummified corpse and now must race against time to find his killer before his future becomes his past. Dead on Arrival meets The Time Machine.

Cocos Island

GENRES: Thriller

Four people awake in an underwater cavern, unable to remember who they are or how they got there, but slowly come to realize they’ve located a treasure worth millions and one of them will kill to keep it.

Face Blind

GENRES: Thriller

A woman, who suffers from a condition that renders her unable to recognize faces, witnesses a murder, then finds herself in a deadly game of survival.

Forgiving Evil


A survivor of Stutthof, a Nazi concentration camp, tends to his dying friend of 30 years only to discover the man was an SS guard at that very camp.


GENRES: Crime, Thriller

An obsession with a high school girlfriend turns a homicide detective into the prime suspect in a series of grisly murders when all the victims turn out to be old boyfriends of his former sweetheart.


GENRES: Thriller

An alcoholic ex-Marine, arrested for a series of murders, escapes from the FBI to prove his innocence and prevent the assassination of a man he hates.

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