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By Steven P Baer

GENRE: Drama
LOGLINE: On a slow news day, the entire world simultaneously receives an electronic message purportedly from God


On a slow news day at a small, mid-American radio station, JIMMY ADAMS, a young news intern receives an email that reads: “I am the infinite truth. Do not presume to know me completely for I have given you finite minds. Embrace me instead with your hearts and I shall be with you. Others may come to know me in different ways, may see me in different lights and may express their faith in me in different ways. Do not place your faith in me above the faith of others. Worship me with humility rather than pride, and in doing so, live in peace.” TOM STEVENS, an aging, cynical news anchorman, and MATT GORMAN, the station manager scoff at the idea the God sent Jimmy an email. The staff soon learns that Jimmy’s email from God was sent out world wide in every language. While admiring the logistical magnitude of the message, both Tom and Matt remain certain that the original of the message was made by man. GLORIA PRICE, the extremely religious, close-minded, secretary, chastises the two men for not considering modern miracles can happen. In the interim, reactions to the message are mixed. In India, the Dahlia Lama will not say where he thinks the message came from; however, welcomes the message as a call to world peace. In Vatican City, the Pope has gone into seclusion to contemplate the message while a secretive Catholic council scrambles to find a way to reject the possibility the message is of divine origin. In the West Bank, three members of a terrorist cell, debate the origin of the message. On the day after the message was delivered, Matt is ordered to report an unsubstantiated news story that the message has been proven to be an elaborate hoax. Having no actual proof of this, Matt strongly voices his objections. While Matt sympathizes with Tom, the orders came from above, report the story or find another job. At Tom’s age finding a new job is highly unlikely, and Tom reluctantly agrees to report the false story. Meanwhile, in Vatican City, the Pope has come out of seclusion and announces that until proven otherwise, he wants the church to consider recognizing the message as a modern miracle. In the west bank, RASHAD, one of the terrorist believes that God has spoken to him and that he can no longer be part of their holy war. The HUSAAM, leader of the cell threatens to shoot Rashad if he tries to leave his post. Rashad insists that he must do what God has commanded him to do. Husaam insists that he must do what his superiors have ordered him to do. When it comes time to broadcast the false news story, Tom cannot report it. Knowing that in all likelihood, his newscast will be his last, Tom speaks his mind concerning the message and leaves his listeners with one final thought: “Until we do have proof one way or another that God exists or that the message is true or false, we have three choices. We can let others define the truth for us, or we can listen to what our hearts and finite minds tell us what is true, or we can simply not think about it at all. And with that final thought, this Tom Stevens signing off.”

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