Loglines & Screenplays by Michael Penhallow

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The Argentine Job

GENRES: Action, Adventure, Crime, Independent, Thriller

Jeff Tully, down on his luck, is offered a lifeline: a hit on Al Qaeda's cell in South America, sanctioned and funded by the Agency. Suicidal, maybe, yet possibly a perfect job; quick and patriotic. A cross between The Italian Job and Hurt Locker, a former special ops soldier is offered a hit on Al Qaeda’s cell in S. America and gets to keep $50 million in the process. Possibly the perfect job: quick, lucrative and patriotic. Until things go desperately wrong.


GENRES: Action, Adventure, Historical, Thriller

Carlos Montero is a Buenos Aires journalist in a dead end job, his dreams disappearing before him, until he discovers a diary, written in code by a Holocaust survivor. Professor Stevens has a new book, ‘the Survival Myth‘ and is busy on the book tour in New York, until his limo driver is shot dead before him and he seeks refuge in Carlos‘ grandmother, Magda, who is still searching for the family’s stolen inheritance. Together they form a bond that takes them to Argentina. With the information decoded from the diary, they discover the real contents of U-977, the Nazi submarine that landed in Argentina several months after the end of W.W.2. The art they discover is enough to fill a major museum but it is the huge amounts of gold that leads them to the truth of why the Nazi leadership, in the dying days of the war, chose South America as their last refuge.

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