Kathleen Beedles

Kathleen Beedles


Producer, screenwriter and script consultant in London, England

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EastEnders 1st January 2012 HQ

A very sad episode of EE 1st January 2012 (c) 2012 BBC ** NO INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ** RIP PAT EVANS

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Hollyoaks promo for Stendan in Dublin | 14 December 2012

Hollyoaks promo for Brendan and Ste in Dublin - week beginning 17th December 2012. Longer verison: http://bit.ly/XrvDhZ DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?os4qdm1eefazban http://emmettscanlan.tumblr.com

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Hollyoaks | The Bus Crash | Channel 4

Hollyoaks | All this Week, 6:30pm | Channel 4 Catch up on 4oD: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/hollyoaks/4od

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Emmerdale Classic - The suffering of Alice Dingle (Part 1)

Episode Date: 30th-31st July 2006 Alice is feeling weaker and gets upset after struggling to hold her baby. She realises that she hasn't got much time left and decides that she wants her agony to end. With that in mind she asks Sam to help her die ... Uploaded on request. All parts available

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Emmerdale Classic - The end of Tom King (Part 1)

Episode Date: 25th December 2006 When Terry sees Tom's wedding car pull up Terry loses it and attacks Tom. Ashley tries to pull him off but Terry inadvertently hits him giving him a bloody nose. At the reception tensions are high as Matthew starts a fight with Carl over Tom's offer to give him the business. All parts of ep available

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ED - Cain leaves (2006) p1

Cain shoots Sadie & Leaves ED no copyright infringement intended, ED belongs to ITV. All parts available online

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Emmerdale Classic - Daz and Belle down the mine shaft (Part 2)

Episode Date: 25th December 2005 Uploaded on request. No copyright infringement is intended. All rights belong to ITV exclusively.

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Emmerdale Classic - The Kings River Explosion

Episode Date: 13th July 2006 (EP 4410) - Kings River Explosion On Thursday 13 July 2006, the Kings unveiled their brand new showhome which was to house married couple, Marlon Dingle and Donna Windsor-Dingle.