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By Mark Metz Wagner

GENRE: Thriller

A dazzling, fiery-spirited model has to fight a cruel rapist to flourish in the fashionata world.


The story is about CHELSEA STARR suffering a horrible price of modeling in San Francisco.Chelsea flees from a massage parlor after she refuses to do a blowjob for a drunk Bus Driver.As Chelsea prances home from her first gig, he hustles many Winos and Crackheads out of an alley to wrestle with her until she kicks them away.After learning martial arts, Chelsea defends herself when the Bus Driver attacks her in the Wax Museum.At TV’s “America’s Most Wanted Model” reality show, Chelsea and her Fans fight, humiliate, then escort the Bus Driver and his gang to the waiting Cops. Claudia helps her Bosses to climb the Hawk Hill, where she thrills them about her vast, glittery future.

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