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By Mark Metz Wagner

GENRE: Thriller

To save the world, two ambitious reporters film the dangers of fracking for oil by a greedy entrepreneur.


In a Malaysian slum, the People run from a huge hole of an erupting oil rig. LLOYD O’SHAUGHNESSY vows to never be bothered by that fireball. DALE CARTER and GRACIE STARK show this disaster to YouFool fans live online. Lloyd schemes with an Assassin to murder them. But Dale and Gracie fight back long enough for the Sheriff to arrive with his Deputies and Medics. Dale and Gracie recover from the injuries, and reluctantly accept more assignments in Alaska, Houston and Nigeria.The Secretary of State argues with Lloyd that the bad news will encourage protests. Lloyd buys a drone to attack Dale and Gracie. They march with the People to attack Lloyd in his Infinity Towers.

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