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By Jack Teague

GENRE: Family, Independent, War
LOGLINE: Short Feature - A young man returns to the small rural southern community of his birth to attend the funeral of a favorite uncle who raised him as a child after his parents were killed in an automobile accident and has died unexpectedly. The solemn mourning at the home of the deceased is interrupted by the raucous arrival of a drunken relative who wrecks his car in the front yard. After the dust settles, literally and figuratively, the young man learns of the origins of the inebriated driver's demons from the elder brother of the deceased.


Synopsis: Brad McDermott has returned to the small rural southern community of his birth to attend the funeral of his Uncle Satterfield McCoy. He is welcomed on the front porch of the McCoy home by Satterfield's brother Stokely. Inside the home, he is ushered around tables laden with food, a bounty of generosity typical of southern friends and neighbors. Soon he crosses paths with a former high school sweetheart, Rachel Presley, who is "co-incidentally" there among the mourners. Having lost touch, they spend some time catching up and re-connect. In addition to his sorrow for the loss of Uncle Sattie, Brad is nursing the pain of an unexpected divorce and the loss of his promising career. Not long after Rachel departs, the pastoral serenity of the McCoy home place is disrupted by the arrival of a drunken relative, Tetch, who crashes his automobile into an old oak tree in the front yard. The driver survives, superficially wounded, but is trapped in the car until the county emergency medical services arrives. After the ambulance departs, and quiet has returned to the evening, Stokey relates to Brad the origins of Tetch's demons - PTSD from his service in Vietnam. When the tale is complete, Brad is overcome with exhaustion and off to bed for a tortured sleep wrestling with the revelation about Tetch. Dawn finds him awakened to an epiphany about his own troubles and the action he takes to move on. Note: "Tetch", as presently written, is a short feature masterscene screenplay adapted from my short fiction of the same title that may be viewed at "Tetch" is excerpted from a chapter of my novella, "Rituals of Solace", which is Brad McDermott's entire story in-depth. "Rituals..." may be viewed at . In "Rituals...", Brad has lost his promising accouting career for refusing to participate in an Enron-type corporate fraud so there is an element of timeliness relative to the Occupy Wallstreet movements. I am able to produce a feature-length screenplay based upon "Rituals..." should there be an interest.

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