Richard Gustason

Richard Gustason

Stratmoor Valley Productions

Actor, comedian and screenwriter in Colorado Springs, Colorado

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The Arresting Truth

GENRES: Comedy

After a man they arrested dies in their custody, two accused detectives investigate to clear their name before someone makes matters worse.


GENRES: Comedy, Drama

A man, who has lost his Christmas spirit due to a tragic past event, has been asked to run a church pageant.  Can he pull it off or will his past ruin the show? 

The Blind Date

GENRES: Comedy

A man goes on a blind date which winds up to be his celebrity crush. The date is more than either bargained for.

Holy Ultimatum

GENRES: Comedy

When a man has to choose between his girlfriend's affections and his beliefs he turns to the only person he knows for help. (Comedy)

Getting Back


A man gets the shock of his life when his wife just decides to leave him. He needs to figure out if he wants to get back with his wife or get back to a single life he has not had in a long time.



A successful blogger and mother is dealing with a tumultuous time in her marriage and is wanting to fix it when a diagnosis of cancer stands in the way of making this happen.