Loglines & Screenplays by Dash Riprock

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The Big Beyond

GENRES: Sci-fi

When their paths mysteriously cross in a remote desert of America’s ravaged future a loner - in a life-long search for the woman he loves - joins with a secretive band of travelers in a perilous journey after they convince him they know where she is.

Vista Nada

GENRES: Horror

A Sheriff discovers that the increasingly bizarre events unfolding in his small town are connected to the nearby Asylum which once held the victims of failed exorcisms.

Henry Plotz

GENRES: Sci-fi

When a renowned scientist in a secret California lab is abducted by strange entities from another world, a wily petty thief --armed only with his cunning-- is sent through a wormhole to bring her back.

Good Saint Binky

GENRES: Drama, Comedy

When a depressed widower decides on suicide, he must first embark on a road trip to deliver his unsuspecting 125 pound Rottweiler to its new home.

An Accidental Family

GENRES: Thriller

A hardened sociopath who arranges revenge for victims hides from a murderous gang by masquerading as a meek suburban family man with the woman he’s fallen for and the young girl whose parents he was forced to kill.

From Hell

GENRES: Horror

A scientific team stranded on a remote island discovers that the volcano they’re investigating is actually a portal to hell about to unleash a primordial evil that can’t be killed. 


GENRES: Sci-fi

When a high-school outcast discovers he can travel at will into limitless realities, he begins to suspect there is more to his parents’ sudden disappearance than what he’s been told.

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