Michael D. Walters

Michael D. Walters

Casting Director, Director, Editor, Line Producer, Producer and Screenwriter

Houston, Texas

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About Michael

Currently developing the feature film,"The Prodigal".

My experiences span over 30 years in an extensive career in broadcast and production all culminating into forming and operating my own production company, HD Texas Motion Pictures Company, filming currently with the Sony NEX FS100 and loving it! Most of my recent work is commercial focused with a mix of promos and conceptual music videos, and since 2010 we have completed we completed a total of 160 projects. Moving into cinematic productions we have produced several shorts and are in development of two features, My Heart Dies With You, and an major budget epic indie feature film, "The Prodigal", which just got picked up for theatrical distribution a major studio.




  • "The Prodigal"

    "The Prodigal" Drama “ The Prodigal” The return home is always the most difficult journey. The Prodigal chronicles the journey of Josh Summers, a reckless teen from a middle class family, who runs his life on high octane, and believes both his family and the world owes him. Josh spends his entire youth constantly fighting with his father, flirting with trouble at school, and on the streets. After high school graduation, Josh is ready to tackle the world to prove his old man wrong, as he thinks he his entire life all planned out. With a knack and a passion for building and racing motorcycles, Josh plans to hit the racing circuit with the trust funds set up by his grandfather a former National Football League player. However Josh’s plans soon unravel when he finds out that there is a stipulation in his trust, which only makes the funds available to Josh if he attends college, a path that Josh has absolutely no want or desire for. Josh’s father had always desired that his son would attend his parents alma mater, a prestigious private college. Now uber angry, Josh figures he can access his trust just the same by choosing to attend state school over his parent’s alma mater, an act he does intentionally to spite them. So Josh takes off for state college and with his trust funds Josh begins nights of endless partying with his new so-called college friends. Mornings of endless hangovers, Josh is confronted by the college dean and advised he is being kicked out which ends his access to his trust funds. Having made a fool of himself in front of his now former college friends, Josh is faced with the fact that he is now broke and no where to go but back home. However Josh’s pride and anger will not allow him to face his father, so he feels he has no choice but to join the army. Here at boot camp his nighmare enters a new phase as he is introduced to some really bad ass army buddies who relentlessly dog Josh. Josh is deployed to Afghanistan, where Josh’s reckless behavior continues. Josh incurs a huge gambling debt to these bad-ass army buddies. Suddenly unable to pay back his gambling debts, Josh’s army buddies seek payback in blood, and devise a scheme that assuredly would get Josh to screw up badly on the platoon’s next patrol. On that patrol their devious scheme is executed and Josh is purposely given erroneous information on enemy placements. When the smoke clears, Josh discovers he has murdered not only a comrade but also an innocent Afghan mother and her infant. Josh is court martialed but in a twist of fate he is released on a legal technicality. Life now could not be any worse for Josh as he realizes that he has hit a dead end but he is not ready to come home. With family connections severed years earlier, and literally with just the clothes on his back, Josh begins a 3 year journey of self discovery of what truly is most important in life, all revealed through a series of new characters and challenging situations that leads Josh on the road back home.  “ The Prodigal” List of Main Characters: Josh Summers as The Prodigal son Jonathan Summers as Josh’s father Katherine Summers as Josh’s mother Robert Summers as Josh’s brother Cara Summers as Josh’s sister Jeff Brooks as Josh’s biking buddy Amy Selleck as Josh’s high school girl friend. Officer Wellman - police officer in Josh’s town Officer Jansson - police officer in Josh’s town Greg Stevens as Josh’s college dorm mate Megan Edelmann as Josh’s college girl friend Dr. James Holloman as Josh’s college dean Ssgt. Terence Johnson as Josh’s army recruiter MSgt. Zeke Thomas as Josh’s drill sergeant SSgt. Marc Garner as Josh’s platoon leader Cpl Jose Sanchez as Josh’s evil platoon buddy who Josh owes gambling debts Cpl Angel Ramirez as Josh’s platoon buddy who Josh owes gambling debts Pvt. Seth Walden as Josh’s good platoon buddy whom Josh kills Jack Burns as the south Texas rancher. Jessie Burns as the rancher’s wife Caleb Burns as the rancher’s son. Sheriff Joe Braddock as the south Texas sheriff Rosalie - works as the housekeeper at the ranch. Max - Rosalie’s 11 year old son Solana - Rosalie’s pregnant daughter Joni - Josh’s daughter

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