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By James Chalker

GENRE: Drama, Historical, War
LOGLINE: With war between English settlers and Pequot Indians looming, a young Frisian woman comes to a Puritan New England colony and tries to start her life over, but a conniving Dutch merchant threatens to betray her dark Amsterdam secret.


This one-hour dramatic series presents the fictionalized account of TRYPHE, a young Frisian woman, against the historical backdrop of the Pequot War and early colonial New England. Tryphe comes to Fort Saybrook, a fugitive from Amsterdam where she had murdered her landlady-cum-pimp. She escapes to New England with the help of LADY Gardiner, a Dutch woman, married to LION, an English soldier recently fighting for the Dutch. Lion’s new job as commander of this small fort at the mouth of the Connecticut River has brought them to the New England and New Netherlands frontiers and home to the Pequot, Nehantic and Mohican Indians. Tryphe strives to reclaim her sexuality, stolen by her landlady and the customers of the Amsterdam brothel. Her several sexual encounters attack the hypocritical and unattainable Puritan ideal of a chaste lifestyle.

Mark LaFever

James, I'd really like to see this get made. I'm hoping the recent relative success of shows like TURN indicates there's an audience for historical dramas set much closer to the time of this country's beginnings. Best of luck with this!

Eric Alagan

Hello James - has all the ingredients to pull in especially the female audience - there is a smell of success here. Well done. Is the pilot available for reading?

Chanel Ashley

The two gentlemen above me like to wax lyrical re your work in the absence of a screenplay - I think they offer praise too easily, James, though I agree that it is a very good premise - show us a script - you can have the best recipe in the world, but I prefer to taste your wares before I deem the quality of your work, and your wares is a screenplay, best, cheers.

James Chalker

My apologies for not responding sooner. I just saw that you had commented on my logline a couple days ago. I'm not sure if I ever got an email from Stage 32 notifying me. I appreciate the kind comments. Frankly, it never occurred tome that I actually wrote a decent logline! I'll post the script here this evening. Thanks again for the encouraging words.

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