Walter Hendrix III's Reel

Hugs Are Better Fighting

This is the third episode of the SAG-AFTRA series "Hugs Are Better Than..." In this episode, we tried a few things we have not tried previously. One was usin...

My Sister's Keeper: Action/Stunt Scene

Danny is upset with Carlos because he finds out Carlos has been abusing his sister. Unable to confront Carlos, he has been telling anyone who listens what he...

Paper and Ink

As a sheriff's deputy, part of Jim Davenport's job is to carry out evictions. He notices that, since the economic downturn, the number of evictions has been increasing and that they have moved to more upscale neighborhoods. Concerned about the fiscal state of America, he begins to study and question capitalism and, more specifically, the nature of money itself.

Arcanum - Stair Fall Stunt #6

These are my stunt scenes from the movie "Arcanum." If you look really close, you will see that I had on no body pads and on the last two falls, which I believe the last to be the best, there is also no padding on the floor or stairs and the stunt starts higher.

Walter Hendrix III: Acting Reel 06/06/2013

This is a small reel of some of my acting roles. I hope you enjoy them and keep and eye open for additional reels that will be posted; including my stunt reel.

Hugs are Better than Saying Goodbye

This is the fourth episode of the SAG-AFTRA series "Hugs Are Better Than..." The idea for this particular episode came when a friend advised that they would be leaving to continue to pursue their dream in another area of the country. :( This video is shot in 1080p at 30fps.

Hugs Are Better Than Winning The Lottery

The second in the "Hugs Are Better Than" series. This concept was developed after a real case in Georgia about a missing lottery ticket worth over $230 million.

Hugs Are Better Than Drugs

I was inspired to make this video about a week or so ago. Maybe the holiday mood hit me. Anyway, I would love to get comments on it. Be gentle though. My feels are hurt easily. :) I plan on making this a series. Please watch the entire video and credits to get the full meaning.

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